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    fall 2010: you may be very informative... but you are also a tough s.o.b...

    By John Tubles
    Dec 13, '10 10:17 PM EST

    20 units suck!
    After getting that out of the way… actually I am glad that fall quarter is over because 20 units of architecture class including thesis is (or I guess now…was) hell…

    This quarter for me was the epitome of the term “archi-torture”… term paper here, history test there, +research and design... but I have to admit I did learn a lot! so this was my fall 2010 quarter in photos…

    first day of school: everybody is excited to shop for classes

    studio fieldtrip #1 to metro gold line: rules w/c includes "no spitting"... c'mon really this is common sense...

    reading for thesis: since our studio is a big warehouse we have a bit of a studio culture problem... people are just being toooooo loud! so i tend to read on top of the school parking structure...

    fall: under my favorite tree...

    studio site: mac arthur park/westlake station in los angeles

    american history fieldtrip#1: village green housing

    studio fieldtrip #2: San Diego CA, studying Transportation Oriented Development

    Halloween: a fake pumpkin patch in cal poly's school farm

    TODstudio: working before midterms

    rows of scooters: in taipei for my 8 hour layover..

    manila: for a week of research trip

    navotas cemetery: very intense thesis site visit that i will talk about in my next entry

    house party: our last house party for the quarter.. it was one of my roomate's and my other friend's birthday..

    turkey: I cooked the entire thanksgiving dinner from scratch... since I was away last year...

    another site visit: this was when my studio partner and was completely stump with our project and needed some inspiration the weekend before finals week...

    studio final: one of the renderings

    studio final: final model...

    studio final: presentation

    Too bad I forgot to document the crazy sleepless nights and countless caffeine run to 7-11… but you guys know how it was...

    right now i just came back from a much needed trip to vegas with other architecture friends... so i guess i am ready to take on the next quarter...


    • is the TODstudio, a studio about Transit Oriented Development?

      Dec 14, 10 10:23 am
      John Tubles

      correct. it was taught by a really interesting professor named barry milofsky of m2a architects..

      Dec 14, 10 12:22 pm

      That board looks big but does it really explain all the information that is going on in the building? Or was the bulk of your energy spent on those sexy renderings and that awesome model? Which look great by the way.

      Dec 15, 10 10:36 pm
      Lian Chikako Chang

      I love that exterior stair tucked under the facade.

      Dec 19, 10 11:03 am

      agreed with lian that is quite sexy...

      Dec 20, 10 8:04 am

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