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Sep '06 - Aug '08

  • shop culture

    Tim Do
    Sep 11, '06 2:53 AM EST

    It's a week before thesis presentations. While most students around the world are still getting adjusted to the new school year, SCI-Arc thesis students are busy frantically fighting off their nervousness and delirium to crank out work that is reflective of the past 8 months of research and... View full entry

  • comic relief

    Tim Do
    Sep 8, '06 10:30 PM EST

    The semester has not oficially begun, so the energy at the school is still a bit casual. Here are few of the funny lines i've heard these past two weeks while roaming the halls of SCI-Arc: 1. "SCI-Arc is a very peculiar place, with a very peculiar smell. It's the up all night with no shower in the... View full entry

  • quarter life crisis

    Tim Do
    Sep 8, '06 1:15 PM EST

    “Why take the risk? Maybe it's for the moment when the impossible is conquered and there's the satisfied joy that connects the present with someone long forgotten...a familiar face. Meet your inner child. He's a great kid, but not exactly the person your boss hired." - Dana Brown from Step... View full entry

  • Extreme Makeover-Loft Edition

    Tim Do
    Sep 7, '06 11:36 PM EST

    From August 22, 2006 downtown Los Angeles loft rennovation for 2 SCI-Arc students on a shoestring ($500) homie Ted and big nephew drop in to lend a hand 10 things i learned these past 3 weeks: 1. when doing constuction, estimate the cost the best you can, then double it. that's what you'll end up... View full entry

  • Who let this guy in?

    Tim Do
    Sep 7, '06 10:46 PM EST

    What will follow is a series of retroactive posts taken from my personal blog that I created to chronicle my experiences at SCI-Arc. Thanks to Archinect for allowing me the opportunity to share my thoughts with a broader audience. With this, I hope to carry on the spirit of my Archinect... View full entry

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