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Sep '06 - Aug '08

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    Tim Do
    By Tim Do
    Sep 8, '06 10:30 PM EST

    The semester has not oficially begun, so the energy at the school is still a bit casual. Here are few of the funny lines i've heard these past two weeks while roaming the halls of SCI-Arc:

    1. "SCI-Arc is a very peculiar place, with a very peculiar smell. It's the up all night with no shower in the morning smell...and it doesn't smell like victory."

    2. during a thesis progress review "Your project is too honest. It's a Volvo: safe and dependable, but you're probably not going to get laid too often."

    3. "There was definately more thong than not thong showing."

    4. "This is my mom's favorite project. She thinks it looks like a cat."

    5. Before a lecture in the computer lab, porn was discovered on the desktop of the computer projected on the wall.*
    lecturer: "Well, you know, in the end, that's where we all come from."

    *related note: be sure to check your spelling when searching craigslist. it's craig(S)list, not craiglist.


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