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    Tim Do
    By Tim Do
    Jan 13, '07 2:20 PM EST

    after a little shifting, dancing, and finagling, the next semester's line up looks like this:

    1. Studio "Infrastructural Architecture": Peter Testa
    2. Theory "Design Intelligence": Michael Speaks
    3. Research Seminar "Free Form Fabrication": Peter Testa
    4. CATIA/Parametrics seminar: David Gerber

    with a possible sit in...

    5. Theory "Deleuze and New Scientific Theory":Neil Leach


    • sure, but ive only had a brief introduction to the design intelligence class and can only comment on the structure. from what i can make of it, it is a less-lecture-based research seminar that will include roundtable discussions with our studio intructors since it is closely related to our studio agenda. for a definition of "design intelligence" and good coverage/criticism of this agenda, go here.

      i havent sat in on the deleuze class yet since neil leach is out of the country, but ill be sure to comment about it if its interesting.

      Jan 14, 07 1:32 pm  · 

      sounds like a whole lot of classes which aren't going to help you land a client, deal with a client, or get the building made.

      no offence, i'm dealing with the same shit in my enrolments.

      Jan 15, 07 5:12 am  · 

      sweet. thanks a lot for the link, dot. I had missed the "projective landscape" lectures - and the projective/critical discussion has been one of the most interesting around (maybe partly because it has been the only one around...) - grappling with new "positive-projective" practices like PLOT.

      I wonder, have you had a lot of discussions along those lines in the school among students?

      Jan 15, 07 7:04 am  · 

      mhollenstein i think none school give u a skill to nail a client... just go out and stop spending so much time in ur school duties, practice ur social skillz, meet people, meet people which r not architects (usually those r the ones who can give u a comission)

      and last but no leats, dont expect school ti teach u everything u need to know about architecture, they just give u the basics...

      DOT, sounds like a nice semester ahead for u....
      CATIA sounds cool, but i dunno how much helpfull can get at the end for u... i mean depends what kind of work u develop at the end... if no tmaybe is too much to focus on...still sounds cool ;)

      Jan 15, 07 8:36 am  · 

      meta, id be happy to pass long readings as soon as i get them.

      mhollenstein, i intentionally didnt sign up for any professional practice courses because it is not a part of my agenda for grad school. its not to say that i dont understand the value in them, but i have other avenues for learning that kind of stuff through relationships i have with people in the field.

      helsinki, this past semester i think framed a lot of what we will be discussing regarding "projective" or "post-critical" design practice. this is our second semester with speaks where in the first semester, a lot of time was spent breaking apart certain ideologies, namely the assumption of a 'fundamental truth', but instead many 'truths' or 'truthiness' as speaks called it in the lectures. this lays the foundation for design thinking in terms of "intelligence". some students were resistant to this (myself included) and for me, this comes with its own set of assumptions that i think i will write about in a later blog.

      btw, did you know that PLOT split? they gave a lecture last year at SCI-Arc in which i sat in on and was quite impressed with their work. sad to see them split.

      MADianito, Gehry technologies is looking for 20 people with CATIA experience, and if not in architecture, engineering comapnies are looking for people with CATIA skills too(and the money is good!). I think its a relevant skill to learn.

      thanks guys.

      Jan 15, 07 5:01 pm  · 

      guys, my remark was more focused on the state of architectural education today, especially its lack of connection with practice. and MADianito, don't assume so much

      Jan 15, 07 9:45 pm  · 

      The so-called post-critical attitude is interesting as a name for something that seems to have been around for a while - I enjoyed the articles written on the seminar - especially Lara Schrijvers response to Boie - but when she seemed to defend the "realistic" stance of projective practice she did not comment on the highly loaded remarks of Somol or the seemingly swaggering attitude of the projective-group. The problem with their "reality" seems to me that it's a highly choosy and shallow set of facts and situations. Speaks might have a long view on things - but as some of the remarks Boie recorded show, there seems (for me) to be a problem if building for fascists would not raise any issues for a practicioner.

      Just read Goldhagens "Kahn's situated modernism" - a great book relocating Khan and his practice in the matrix of academia, cultural currents and politics of his time - gave also a robust sense of an architects duty and a coherent view on someone who acted in his surroundings with an artists and citizens sensibility and conviction. Made a lot of this opportunistic-projective-jibba-jabba seem seriously meaningless... No matter what you think of Kahn's architecture, the book is an interesting piece of history. recommended.

      Yeah - PLOT is dead, long live BIG & JDS.

      Jan 16, 07 1:42 am  · 

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