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    fall semester courses (for now)

    Tim Do
    By Tim Do
    Sep 13, '07 12:40 AM EST

    Drop day is still in front of me, but for now the semester lineup looks like this:

    1. Studio: X-Lab Vertical Studio: Hernan Diaz-Alanso
    2. Theory: Philosophy of Technology: Wes Jones
    3. Professional Practice: Project Management: Burcin Bercerik
    4. Theory: Revenge of the Thing: Objects as Media: Benjamin Bratton
    5. Workshop: Advanced Animation: TBA

    p.s. if you haven't noticed, there has been an absence of pictures on my blog since my camera was stolen over the summer...i'll get a new one, but right now i'm still in mourning.


    • jeremymm

      you sand bagging son-of-a bitch, you've been holding out

      Sep 14, 07 9:26 am  · 

      haha...i guess so

      Sep 14, 07 2:13 pm  · 

      Hey Tim... what's Hernan's studio topic? And what technique is being exploited? Sounds like a good lineup for your middle semester. My only recommendation is find a way to not be the same ol' glossy rendering / animation for your thesis. Find a way to be yourself now that the lobotomy has taken place. You may still need more cowbell, but don't continue to be the milked cow. Sacrifice yourself and be the meat :)

      Sep 29, 07 1:20 am  · 

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