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    new camera, typical day...

    Tim Do
    By Tim Do
    Jan 27, '07 6:56 PM EST


    • Erik Schonsett

      Nice Photos! Makes me miss my time at SCI_Arc. Fantastic place. Keep up the good posting!

      Jan 28, 07 1:39 pm  · 

      i love the dog. if i go to sci arc will i see him/er?

      Jan 28, 07 1:56 pm  · 

      i worked on that acoustical ceiling...alas, a project i worked on being published...hah

      those mta light are just photogenic... i have similar photos

      the endless summer poster, highly encouraged, really sets off a vibe...

      and to answer that soon as ray kappe found a building...

      Jan 28, 07 2:41 pm  · 

      the dog's name is oreo, and he is the official 2gx mascot (every studio has a mascot). you can find him in one of the center bays of the depot, approximately where pornstars like to randomly roam the streets.

      Jan 28, 07 4:28 pm  · 
      Cherith Cutestory

      snowflakes by randar82

      for $9.99 i'll make a dozen for your next holiday gig.
      the perfect non-dennomiational decor
      hand-made in a world/school of digital production

      Jan 29, 07 4:04 am  · 
      Arnaud M.

      Is sci-arc really libertarian?

      Jan 30, 07 5:33 pm  · 

      I am insurmountably jealous that you go to sci-arc.

      May 12, 08 4:25 pm  · 

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