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    SCI-Arc Spring 2008 Lecture Series

    Tim Do
    By Tim Do
    Jan 30, '08 3:47 AM EST

    I almost forgot...

    01.16.08 | Jeffrey Kipnis: *@$#*!#!!

    01.23.08 | Dan the Automator

    01.30.08 | Peter Walker: Before the Memorial

    02.06.08 | Manuel DeLanda: The New Materialism and the Mind

    02.13.08 | Edward Eigen: A Crash Course in History

    02.20.08 | Neil Spiller: Communicating Vessels

    02.27.08 | Giovanni la Varra: Milanese Chronicles

    03.05.08 | Mark Johnson: Re-Building Civitas: the Re-Generation of Place in Urban Design

    03.12.08 | Robert Hodgin: Embrace Your One-Trick Pony

    03.19.08 | Benjamin Ball + Gaston Nogues: Spaces Between the Hammer and the Mouse

    03.26.08 | Yansong Ma + Qun Dang: MAD Dinner

    04.02.08 | Greg Lynn: I’ll see it when I know it

    All lectures begin at 7pm in W.M. Keck Lecture Hall and are free and open to the public


    • Awesome series. Makes me wish I still lived in LA. Almost.

      How was Dan the Automator? missed the webcast.

      Jan 30, 08 12:51 pm  · 

      he was cool. he didn't have any slides and his lecture notes were handwritten on crumpled notebook paper, but it still turned out to be an interesting conversation. talked mostly about the music industry and his process. little relationship to architecture, but interesting nonetheless.

      Jan 30, 08 2:23 pm  · 
      Israel Kandarian

      i made sure i took a seminar with ed eigen every semester while in grad school. i highly recommend this lecture!

      Jan 31, 08 8:26 pm  · 

      word dan the automator

      Feb 1, 08 11:58 pm  · 

      Interesting that Greg's lecture title is exactly the same as the title of Sylvia Lavin's critical studies seminar at UCLA...

      Feb 5, 08 3:43 am  · 

      peter walker lecture was great. i am glad i was there. his process of flattening was really a lifelong conceptual departure and result of collaboration. he is really golden. no wonder landscape is the word these days.

      Feb 5, 08 1:43 pm  · 

      Peter Walker is worthless!

      Feb 6, 08 4:14 am  · 

      is it possible for you to further elaborate on your comment?

      Feb 7, 08 2:38 pm  · 

      Manuel DeLanda: The New Materialism and the Mind

      It was an engaging lecture. I specially found DeLanda's comparative presentation of Kant and Hume very informative and enjoyable, using playful illustrations such as; Eskimos' twentynine names for snow, meanings of meaning and life before language. Modern philosophy 'explained' in a nut shell. Last part of the lecture on artificial intelligence was somewhat challenging and fashionably familiar for the audience of architects.

      My reading of his conclusions was that, we will be spending a lot of time in this century charting and organizing the unknown, which will bring us many non linear surprises just about anything. Seems like insect level capabilities of present AI technology shall soon grow much more complex and pattern-map out fascinatingly vast plateaus (no Deleuze pun). I will further look up for DeLanda's work. I recommend this lecture for those who are interested in artificial intelligence, algorithmic constructions, pattern associations and linguistics.

      At the end of the lecture, die hard Nietzschean Eric Moss' center point opening on Hume as 'sceptical realist,' was met by an hypermodern inspired and seemingly hidden move by DeLanda! No dark matter for him.

      Feb 7, 08 2:49 pm  · 

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