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    a face with the name

    Tim Do
    By Tim Do
    Nov 7, '06 12:28 PM EST

    I often get asked who's teaching at SCI-Arc these days, so I compiled these images to give some faces to the names.

    I think its interesting that it is always the case for people of the arts to never smile in their pictures e.g. band members, philosophers, and in this case, architects. does it suggest unitelligence to show your grill? the most you ever get is the occasional smirk to suggest they know something you don't know, or in some cases, the look that they are out to kill you i.e. Juan Azulay and Marcelo Spina. its a bit of a farce since most of these people are some of the most easy going, good natured people you will ever meet.

    anyway, SCI-Arc is going through NAAB accreditation review this week, so for those with any interest in SCI-Arc, this may be a good opportunity to come for a visit since every square inch of the school is covered in work.


    • some of 'em DO kinda look like rock stars.

      Nov 7, 06 12:47 pm  · 

      are there no women in southern california?

      Nov 7, 06 1:20 pm  · 

      Juans picture makes me laugh.

      Nov 7, 06 3:59 pm  · 

      this is not all the faculty. there are a handful i left out, some of whom are women.

      Nov 7, 06 5:13 pm  · 
      vado retro

      some of them look homeless. professors really ought to shave and comb their hair.

      Nov 7, 06 7:22 pm  · 

      juan azulay wears black leather pants and speaks archi-babble supreme...

      i've seen darin johnstone in a jury and he really stood out 'cause he was the only person in that specific review who believed that reviews should be conducted in an honest and polite made him seem more like a caring mentor, than a harsh basher...stirs up the pool a little bit...

      Nov 7, 06 7:47 pm  · 

      tim durfee is scatterbrain supreme...ideas left and right comin' at ya!

      Nov 7, 06 7:51 pm  · 

      hahahaha... he said black leather pants.

      Nov 8, 06 2:38 am  · 

      how has no one commented on the Wiscombe photo? He looks like one of those lord of the rings elves making love to the camera.

      Nov 12, 06 1:54 pm  · 
      kim l.

      haha the comments are great. these are the faculty work pictures in the mainspace! i was walking around looking at these pictures...funny how you can see their character reflected in them. hernan's missing his cigar...and eom is missing his orange golden glow radiance. tom looks like he's making love to the camera, but actually, he just caught his reflection in the lens. i've got to look out for the leather pants...marcelo rules!

      Nov 18, 06 3:15 am  · 

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