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    Tim Do
    By Tim Do
    Oct 12, '06 7:33 PM EST

    so this entry is not architecture related, but i thought since there has already been discussion of mistaken identity and nobel prizes today (orhan wins), i thought i'd share a bit of coincidence with you.

    meet Quang Do, candidate for the nobel peace prize

    from BBC news:

    Thich Quang Do is the deputy head of the banned Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV). He is also a high-profile symbol of the human rights movement in Vietnam

    The UBCV has been banned since 1981 - when the government created its own Buddhist Church of Vietnam - for refusing to submit to communist party supervision. Religion in Vietnam is controlled by the state.

    Born Dang Phuc Tue on 27 November, 1928, in Thai Binh province, he has devoted his life to achieving peace and freedom in Vietnam.

    Along with the church's leader Thich Huyen Quang, he has spent long periods in exile, prison or under house arrest for appealing for religious freedom, human rights and democratic reforms.

    Quang Do, 77, lives at the Thanh Minh Zen monastery in Ho Chi Minh City. He was recently awarded the annual Norwegian Rafto human rights prize.

    The foundation chose Quang Do for his "personal courage and perseverance through three decades of peaceful opposition against the Communist regime in Vietnam and as a symbol for the growing democracy movement".

    Four previous Rafto recipients went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

    The US and the EU has criticised Vietnam for putting Quang Do under house arrest. It is often difficult to verify his status as the Vietnam government often claims that he and Huyen Quang are free, despite supporters saying they are under house arrest.


    Quang Do (my dad), goofy father of 3 and the hardest working man i know. he also happens to be celebrating his 60th birthday today.

    it is also a coincidence that they are linked by baldness.


    • myriam


      Oct 12, 06 10:42 pm  · 

      happy birthday dot's dad!

      Oct 13, 06 1:12 am  · 

      that's awesome. happy birthday.

      Oct 13, 06 8:39 am  · 

      Awww!! Happy birthday dot's dad! he's totally adorable!

      - Leticia

      Oct 18, 06 2:24 am  · 

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