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    Live Free or Die Hard

    Tim Do
    By Tim Do
    Nov 1, '06 4:44 AM EST

    i found this posted on my door today. its the 3rd notice of its kind since i moved in 2 months ago (prior was a rap video and car commercial).

    word has it, bruce willis will be in the neighborhood tomorrow and already his presence is causing a commotion. the filming of this movie will cause the temporary closing of our beloved coffee shop, and apparently, the locals are not pleased. leave it to downtown LA artist to leave some poorly-spelled snub commentary.


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      i live near this building.

      Nov 1, 06 6:32 am  · 
      Chili Davis

      I got to see them film the Island in Detroit (Notice the Penobscot Building in the background), and more recently, the Transformers movie.
      Nov 1, 06 10:44 am  · 

      call the california film commission. they will eventually prohibit filming in the downtown neighborhood if enough people complain about too many location permits...

      Nov 1, 06 11:40 am  · 

      but immediate satisfaction would come from going up there and asking one of them uber important set people,
      "is this for a chewing gum commercial?".
      i've done it and it really puts them in their proper place.

      Nov 1, 06 6:16 pm  · 
      vado retro

      live free or die hard. does your hood look like new hampshire???

      Nov 1, 06 8:31 pm  · 

      it would be cool if they changed all the new hampshire quarters to read "live free or die...hard" and have bruce willis' face instead of george washington. that would be cool.

      Nov 1, 06 9:40 pm  · 

      They were filming another scene for the same movie for nearly a month on Lower Grand and I'd walk by it almost everyday. Try asking for a free lunch from the caterers --if they don't surrender a lunch to you, pretend you work on the set.

      It was fun to see all the fake smashed up cop and sports cars lined up along the concrete wall (constructed specifically for this set!) on Kosciuszko and Grand. It was also fun to look at the pathetic state of the retired LAPD rent-a-cops guarding a movie set. Ugh.

      Nov 3, 06 2:16 am  · 

      if I started to count the reasons why I left Hollywood, we'd be here all day. but fake anything always pissed me off, glad to know they poured some concrete- see it they demo it after the shoot.

      Nov 3, 06 10:25 am  · 

      Looks like they're gonna be shutting down parts of the 105 and Imperial HWY too.

      Nov 3, 06 6:43 pm  · 

      I was listening to the traffic reports last week and one of announcers said something like "if you hear fake gunshots along the 110 near Downtown, don't be alarmed --they're filming a movie." Fake gunshots!

      A few years (two?) ago they filmed the last Mission Impossible and there were helicopters careening the skies of Downtown.

      Re: the concrete wall: it was very strangely constructed. If you're on northwest corner Kosciuzko and Lower Grand, you'll notice how there's how the structures of the parking lot abruptly end, leaving a random gaping space which opens out to yet another parking lot. The set people filled in that hole with a concrete, but it was gridded in a way that probably made for easy de-installation. I noticed the set was totally cleaned up today and those huge car-picker-uppers (the ones they use to transport new vehicles) were there to collect the artificially damaged cars. I'm sure those cars are now on their way to yet another set for further use.

      Nov 3, 06 6:46 pm  · 

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