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    Tim Do
    By Tim Do
    Dec 7, '06 7:39 PM EST



    • Arnaud M.

      Impressive, I wanna go to Sci-arc!

      Dec 7, 06 8:04 pm  · 

      would be nice to see also the script :)

      Dec 7, 06 9:49 pm  · 

      wat iz it?

      Dec 8, 06 9:02 am  · 

      yeah, but lets see you freehand it outta funnel cake!!

      Dec 8, 06 12:23 pm  · 
      FOG Lite

      Hmmm, looks like a project I did 5 years ago in Marcello's studio....
      (Don't let him take it and hang it up in his home! Trust me he'll try.)

      I'm guessing some form of knitting then abstracted. Or beautiful entrails.

      Dec 8, 06 5:54 pm  · 
      Cherith Cutestory

      this project can be summed up in one word:

      blend shape

      okay, i guess that's two words.

      Dec 9, 06 1:11 pm  · 

      it was for a softech class.

      splashpage (i didn't write it):

      "During the semester students learned various software interfaces for modeling, animation, rendering, fabrication and representation (such as Maya, Rhino and Surfcam) and were exposed to the use of CNC router, laser cutting and 3D printing for manufacturing. The task chosen for the class was the handling of an integrated digital process of design and fabrication. Students were asked to design, model, represent, animate, develop and fabricate a wall system departing from the understanding of topology and knot theory and transitioning from digital description to physical manufacturing. The assignments provided a collaborative group experience (critical to any architectural undertaking) requiring different levels of interaction (from individual to large group collaborations).

      In addition to the didactical tutorials, the classes offered a series of lectures reframing the relationship of architecture to advanced geometry and models of organization. The work of the class as a whole critically participates in the current debate about the state of technology for the production of architecture, and questions the ideological and formal implications of various digital representational modes."

      i.e. blend shape

      Dec 9, 06 3:13 pm  · 

      now if you guys would quite sanding in studio it would be great....

      just kidding, it looks good.

      Dec 9, 06 6:35 pm  · 
      Cherith Cutestory

      i think the 5th picture down on the right sums up this project nicely.

      Dec 10, 06 1:47 pm  · 

      is that 'torch' (a.k.a. george labeth) sporting the TTU COA t?

      Dec 11, 06 2:37 pm  · 

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