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  • caught in the act

    Samuel Mortimer
    Feb 27, '09 5:17 PM EST

    I will post a real entry later. Interesting story below about Gov. Jindal of Louisiana. (No - not the story Jindal told - that wasn't interesting.) Who watched the address and the GOP response on Tuesday, anyway? Thoughts? Foundry went great on Tuesday. Kickball and climbing competition tomorrow... View full entry

  • My president

    Samuel Mortimer
    Feb 18, '09 11:08 PM EST

    The president of the University of Tennessee system, John Peterson, resigned today. He was not the most popular guy in the world (especially with the faculty) and although he is leaving in the midst of a budget crisis - I think most would tag this as a step in the right direction. This time last... View full entry

  • facebooks owns me (and you too)

    Samuel Mortimer
    Feb 17, '09 9:27 PM EST

    Facebook's terms of service have recently changed to grant itself "perpetual" license to "use, copy, publish, stream, store, retain, publicly perform or display, transmit, scan, reformat, modify, edit, frame, translate, excerpt, [and] adapt" any content you've ever uploaded, including the option... View full entry

  • pirates + sealand

    Samuel Mortimer
    Feb 15, '09 11:35 PM EST

    The trial of the four operators of The Pirate Bay starts tomorrow. I read online that approximately 80% of global internet traffic is directly linked to bittorrent distribution. The Pirate Bay estimates they carry 50% of all bittorrent traffic. Thus, The Pirate Bay is directly related to 40% of... View full entry

  • upload vs. recharge

    Samuel Mortimer
    Feb 13, '09 2:40 AM EST

    Thanks for the comments and downloads of the journal. We should be undertaking a larger scale distribution process in the near future, so hopefully these will find their way to an place of architecting near you. We are about a week and some change out from our presentation in Norris with (what... View full entry

  • I hate Le Corbusier

    Samuel Mortimer
    Feb 4, '09 7:22 PM EST

    I don't really. Please open this document and tell me something. It took a small team of other undergraduates and I a very long time to complete it and I would love to hear your thoughts.Download Current Volume II View full entry

  • College Design Journal Completed and Posted

    Samuel Mortimer
    Feb 3, '09 12:03 AM EST

    This has been a long time coming. I give you the 2007-2008 University of Tennessee, College of Architecture and Design student design journal, Current Would love to hear your thoughts.Download Current Volume II View full entry

  • 2009 + EPA competition project

    Samuel Mortimer
    Jan 12, '09 10:43 PM EST

    I did not plan to be in Knoxville this January. The plan was to be in Zurich right now studying at the ETH. BUT! As we all know plans change and that is often the case when other people are involved. aka. people in the admission's office. So my application was deferred to the fall and I am in... View full entry

  • architecting

    Samuel Mortimer
    Nov 17, '08 2:06 PM EST

    It has been a long, long semester. I feel like we have been crunching this project out almost nonstop for quite sometime now. Without a doubt this is the most in depth and time consuming design project I have worked ever worked on. There have been many developments concerning my studies at the ETH... View full entry

  • 901 / webcam test

    Samuel Mortimer
    Nov 7, '08 1:18 PM EST

    headed to memphis for the weekend. bringing my studio stuff with me, but i probably won't do that much work. Study abroad stuff is starting to play out - more details later. Anyway, gotta take my computer now. Here is a test of the webcam. I haven't gotten all the kinks worked out yet (I would... View full entry

  • election over / deadlines / studio webcam??

    Samuel Mortimer
    Nov 6, '08 4:22 AM EST

    So the election is over. I don't want to write too much about it, but I think yesterday will be remembered as a very important moment in American history. Partisanship aside - it is an exciting time to be a young person. Got a deadline for our studio project. I really need to make a timeline to... View full entry

  • the u2 tower?

    Samuel Mortimer
    Nov 2, '08 3:20 PM EST

    Ok, the front page of yahoo today had an article about "The U2 Tower". I have never liked u2 and this just seals the deal for me. The U2 tower? The glowing orb on the top is supposed to be their studio. Give me a break. View full entry

  • eth application / getting cold outside

    Samuel Mortimer
    Oct 28, '08 9:10 PM EST

    So the weather is really cooling down. I had my chacos on today and my feet got pretty chilly. I had a pinup on monday. Suprise pinup that is. Our critic had been gone for a week and we had an idea we were going to pin up - but no one knew for sure. So 1/3 of the class is going each studio meeting... View full entry

  • tv on the radio / studio deadlines

    Samuel Mortimer
    Oct 26, '08 6:04 PM EST

    As to be expected - Tennessee was annihilated by Alabama yesterday. I'm not particularly upset. I wore an Alabama shirt today in light of the event. There was a weird smell in and around my desk for about 3 days. I thought it might have been this big stack of old newspapers, but that didn't fix... View full entry

  • 8.25 AM

    Samuel Mortimer
    Oct 24, '08 8:15 AM EST

    Gutentag. Another long night. Whatever I do I can't seem to make enough progress at this list of drawings. I need to get it together because this is bad. I think most everyone in my studio is in the same place though. I liked doing the mini-project first - but all the other studios are WAY ahead... View full entry

  • no professor and little motivation

    Samuel Mortimer
    Oct 22, '08 5:28 PM EST

    Another stretch with just a few updates. I'll give a general roundup of what's been going on in and around "the building". (Do all architecture programs call their building "the building" ? -My studio professor is in Dublin at a Sustainability Conference. He gave us a big long to-do list which i... View full entry

  • still integrating + charette tomorrow + New Brutalism

    Samuel Mortimer
    Oct 16, '08 9:08 PM EST

    Watched the debate this morning on youtube. i enjoyed it more than the previous three debates. There were several times the candidates resorted to their fall back statements and figures, but for the most part I felt like we got some new information (or at least they said it in a different way.)... View full entry

  • integrating

    Samuel Mortimer
    Oct 15, '08 3:56 AM EST

    A serious lack of post for the past 2 weeks. I don't feel like things have gotten busier - but they unmistakeably have. Studio is moving right along and some of the other sections are already talking about final drawings. Come thanksgiving we will be done and presented already. (as far as i know)... View full entry

  • Office Season 5 and our empty studio

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 25, '08 9:35 PM EST

    Season 5 of The Office starts tonight. There is no one in the building. I have watched it before, but don't really follow it like my roommates do. Tuesdays and Thursdays are always good days because I only have one class and it doesn't start until 2pm. Our integrations section with Matt Hall is... View full entry

  • Studio Project Description

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 24, '08 5:23 AM EST

    So here is our studio project description for the semester. All the other integrations studio are designing office buildings (sans Professor Rose's addition of residential program to supplement). Rectangular urban infill site for a big rectanglely building. As far as integrations go, maybe that... View full entry

  • FBI raids | an ass beating by Florida | still no conceptual idea

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 22, '08 12:57 PM EST

    Still tying to synthesize some rational idea to encompass this super charged site and program. I have a really vague idea about "the process of discovery" (yes, vague indeed) but I am having a hard time tying it into the specifics of the program. I feel like it meets the generic museum... View full entry

  • Deutsche test, neu Studioprojekt, football

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 19, '08 2:48 PM EST

    So I had a big German test today. Ugh! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - but then again I haven't gotten my score back yet either. ...So we will see what happens next week. I did however get a African American Studies test back today. I got really confused over some of the questions and... View full entry

  • Das Wetter ist kuhl and sonnig

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 17, '08 12:30 PM EST

    Fall is here. (At least for the time being, East Tennessee weather is a bit nutty at times.) I hate riding my bike when it is hot though, so bring on the fall. Studio project 1 is officially complete. The general consensus from our two reviews (one in studio, one in integrations) is that our... View full entry

  • Rain, Design, and Deutsch

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 9, '08 2:06 PM EST

    Let's start with the bad news - i am getting my ass kicked in German. It is one of those classes that I know I would fair well in if I just wasn't spread so thin every where else. Oh well. I should have audited the class (I am pretty sure the credits are useless to me as far as graduation goes)... View full entry

  • Charette / Mini Project

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 4, '08 11:32 AM EST

    About two weeks in now. We are working on a miniature version of our final project in integrations. It is nice to be out of structures, ecs, etc and just be working on studio projects. MWF 9.00 African American Studies - Dr. Louie 10.00 German 101 - Frau Shaunck 13.50 Arch 471: Design VII - Ted... View full entry

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