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Sep '08 - Feb '13

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    Charette / Mini Project

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 4, '08 11:32 AM EST

    About two weeks in now. We are working on a miniature version of our final project in integrations. It is nice to be out of structures, ecs, etc and just be working on studio projects.

    9.00 African American Studies - Dr. Louie
    10.00 German 101 - Frau Shaunck
    13.50 Arch 471: Design VII - Ted Shelton

    14.00 Arch 431: Integrations - Matt Hall
    18.00 PE : Yoga and Relaxation

    Yes, that's right. Yoga.

    More than ever i feel like i have finally bitten off more than i can chew. I am working on editing the student design journal, trying to finish this research project with Tracy, all this SGA non-sense is about to start up again, and our integrations studio all on top of that.

    I wouldn't be doing it though if i didn't enjoy it. I should be able to knock my research project down on the priorities list after today - so that will be nice.



    • Sam I wish I had yoga when I was in architecture school - I can see great benefits with that. Also with learning German...

      Sep 5, 08 11:37 am  · 

      Sam congrats on the blog. Way to be a badass. Oh an the use of military time... perfect. Have a great semster.

      Sep 5, 08 11:45 pm  · 

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