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    I hate Le Corbusier

    Samuel Mortimer
    Feb 4, '09 7:22 PM EST

    I don't really. Please open this document and tell me something.

    It took a small team of other undergraduates and I a very long time to complete it and I would love to hear your thoughts.

    Download Current Volume II



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      thanks for posting. one observation just glancing through. i would have made the paragraphs in the interviews shorter. they are hard to read. one thing i really liked were the visuals of the projects. it broke out of the what has quickly become a cliche presentation styles of the last few years. great job.

      Feb 5, 09 7:14 pm  · 

      agreed, some good stuff.

      i think a short bio for the interviewees would be good, a brief c.v. even.

      is the first year work first year of grad school?!?

      Feb 6, 09 2:19 am  · 

      thanks for the comments. I agree, bios would be nice in the future and the readability of the paragraphs is definitely something to take into account.

      The first year work presented is all undergraduate. The graduate work all occurs near the end. (immediately before the interior design work.) While the courses have a distinct 500 level course number, i suppose that wouldn't be obvious to an outside reader. Another item to consider in the future.

      Feb 11, 09 2:39 pm  · 

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