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    still integrating + charette tomorrow + New Brutalism

    Samuel Mortimer
    Oct 16, '08 9:08 PM EST

    Watched the debate this morning on youtube. i enjoyed it more than the previous three debates. There were several times the candidates resorted to their fall back statements and figures, but for the most part I felt like we got some new information (or at least they said it in a different way.)

    Finally got my egress system working this morning and a full set of plans drawn in CAD. I am pretty satisfied with it right now.

    Missing all my classes tomorrow. I am taking part in a charette tomorrow with Professor Moir-Mcclean (interim director of our new Landscape Masters Program). Well, by participating - and by that I mean observing and documenting. I will be working with professor Moir-mcclean later on to put some of this into presentation format. More specific info on the charrette at the bottom of the page, but it is titiled: "A Campus for the Class of 2030 Charrette: Parking under a Campus Park".

    Anyway, football game this weekend. We'll see what happens - that is all I have to say about that.

    I will finish with this. Levi showed me this about an hour ago. The lead singer of this band is my integrations professor. I give you, New Brutalism

    A Campus for the Class of 2030
    The LA program and our professional and collegiate partners on the charrette team invite students and faculty of the College of Architecture and Design to stop in and see work in progress at the 'Parking under the Park' Campus vision charrette on Oct 17, 2008, in Room 103 Art and Architecture building. Presentation of results is scheduled for 4pm. This charrette is part of an ongoing collaboration between the University of Tennessee’s Landscape Architecture Program, the College of Architecture + Design, and members of the regional landscape architecture and architecture professional community to envision. A Campus for the Class of 2030. The campus of 2030 is a greener, healthier campus with public spaces that support a high quality of civic and collegiate life on our campus, and provide memorable places for traditions and events revered by UT students and alumni. Starting with just a few participants in our first streetscape charrette, our group has grown to include many who generously donate their time, expertise, and vision to develop specific examples of how ongoing coordination of decisions during renovation, maintenance of campus landscape, transit, and open-space infrastructure, can positively impact the character, quality, and attractiveness of campus public space. The results of these charrettes are shared with members of the University of Tennessee and Knoxville community who are invested in improving the quality of the campus environment. This is the third charrette the University of Tennessee’s new Landscape Architecture Program has participated in, and the first to include students from the program’s inaugural class. Previous charrettes focuses have explored visions of streetscape for Volunteer and Lake Loudon Boulevards that integrate form guidelines for adjacent structures, landscape, low-impact transit (bike and pedestrian), parking, open-space links, and additions to our urban forest on campus.

    The Parking under a Campus Park charrette on Oct 17, 2008 explores a potential location for a new parking facility with a rooftop-green roof park space near the UT stadium and student center. Students and faculty from the College of Architecture and Design will also explore the potential for classroom buildings and other program on or adjacent to the parking structure that can contribute to creation of a memorable and active campus place.

    Faculty who have participated in this charrette series:
    Tracy Walker Moir-McClean, Interim Chair, Assoc. Professor, Landscape Architecture Program
    Curtis Stewart, Asst. Professor, Landscape Architecture Program
    Mark Schimmenti, Interim Director, Professor, School of Architecture
    Marleen K. Davis, FAIA, President ACSA, Professor, School of Architecture

    Professionals who have participated in this charrette series:
    Bill Bruce, Community Concepts, Inc.
    Curtis Caton, Bullock, Smith & Partners, Inc.
    Garry Hawkins, Hawkins Partners, Inc.
    Mike Keller, Studio Four Design
    Ted Murphy, Landscape Architect, University of Tennessee Care of Grounds
    Cottrell, Jason Cottrell, Horticulturist, University of Tennessee Care of Grounds
    Dede Christopher, Christopher Illustrations

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