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    eth application / getting cold outside

    Samuel Mortimer
    Oct 28, '08 9:10 PM EST

    So the weather is really cooling down. I had my chacos on today and my feet got pretty chilly.

    I had a pinup on monday. Suprise pinup that is. Our critic had been gone for a week and we had an idea we were going to pin up - but no one knew for sure. So 1/3 of the class is going each studio meeting this week and... SUPRISE i got to go on day 1. In a way it was a good thing - but i was very nervous as i didn't have all the drawings i needed to have. I got a lot of good feedback though (good as in productive, and good as in my project was well received) so that never hurts.

    How familar is archinect with powervote?

    "On campuses and in communities nationwide, youth are leading the way in responding to the global climate crisis.

    Now “Power Vote,” a national non-partisan effort spearheaded by the Energy Action Coalition, seeks to elevate the issue of climate change in the 2008 election by mobilizing one million young “climate voters.” To do this, the Energy Action Coalition and its more than forty partner organizations are organizing young people across the United States to pledge their vote "for clean and just energy.” "

    Well Tennessee (Knoxville) is currently #3 out of the hundreds of schools working on obtaining pledges and last week we were #1. How awesome is that??? Tomorrow Al Gore is participating in an hour long "Gore-Cast" (isn't that hilarious?) with powervote and Energy Action Coalition. It's quite exciting.

    I am almost done with my ETH application. Yes, if you are wondering, I HAVE been saying that for several weeks now. Only one faculty letter (3 weeks in the making) and I will be ready to send it in. I am getting rather nervous. Is there a chance I might not be accepted??? Ugh that would be terrible. Being there is even more scary. I guess I know I am a good designer, but I have this vision in my head of every single person there just blowing me away. It's not a competition though, I suppose.

    Gotta rep my hood though - you know what i mean??

    Anyway, time to studio all night long. I thought this picture was pretty funny.

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