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    election over / deadlines / studio webcam??

    Samuel Mortimer
    Nov 6, '08 4:22 AM EST

    So the election is over. I don't want to write too much about it, but I think yesterday will be remembered as a very important moment in American history. Partisanship aside - it is an exciting time to be a young person.

    Got a deadline for our studio project. I really need to make a timeline to map the rest of the semester out. We have to be done the Monday before thanksgiving - which is VERY soon. eek!

    Last semester I made this killer schedule (I was trying to free up the 3 days immediately before deadline to go to Collegiate Triathlon Nationals in Tuscaloosa) and I stuck to it very rigidly. I finished the project on time, stress free, and still managed to spend the weekend in Alabama while everyone else was in studio crunching. It was great. So hopefully I can repeat that experience.

    I need some feedback on this next one... So a couple of days ago I found my webcam I used to talk to my parents with when I was a freshman. I always had this idea of setting it up to broadcast (either streaming or on interval) in the studio a shot of the working surface of my desk or something - but i have mixed feelings about it. Part of me thinks it is creepy, part of me thinks it is kind of interesting. Could be nice on a portfolio website or something? Archinect blog?

    What are thoughts on that??


    • nsproductions

      big brother, studio flavor

      Nov 6, 08 8:29 am  · 

      I think it could be cool. If you are worried a little by what people will see try taking videos, or focus the webcame directly on your drawing surface no faces allowed to keep it a bit incognito. I know I'd tune in

      Nov 6, 08 9:46 pm  · 
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