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    Clayton is complete-- on to site work

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 25, '10 7:44 PM EST

    Work on the house in the Clayton factory is complete in five short days. Seeing this process culminate after two years of design, redesign, and bureaucracy has been quite surreal. I am convinced after spending 5 full days in Clayton's facility that the potential to complete a similar project (given the knowledge I have garnered from watching them work and negotiating the entire process) remains extremely high. Not only could we could have done this a lot easier, but we could have completed a lot more in the factory that would not have to be done on-site. We made plenty of concessions and DID plan around the Clayton construction process-- but I just don't think we truly understood the way their system worked until spending 50+ hours in the factory watching and administrating the fabrication of our own home.

    I feel like that all needs to roll around in my head a bit before it comes out with a little more clarity/ insight-- but the point I really want to get across is that I am very, very excited about what I saw happening there and it's potential to inform/ be a part of architectural solutions.

    Here are some photos and video of what we are up to. Site work and foundations are more or less complete now. Pumper truck will be at the site on Monday and the house is going to be delivered on Thursday.

    Setting the hinged roof at Clayton. (Roof must be hinged because the pitch would set the ridge too high for shipping.)

    One half of the project wrapped in shipping plastic and moved off-line.

    On-site work completed after only 1 day. Should be done in one more day.

    Five students in the studio have been taking a masonry class, so on-site those that don't know how to lay block are tasked with moving things around and mixing mortar.

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