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    the u2 tower?

    Samuel Mortimer
    Nov 2, '08 3:20 PM EST

    Ok, the front page of yahoo today had an article about "The U2 Tower". I have never liked u2 and this just seals the deal for me. The U2 tower? The glowing orb on the top is supposed to be their studio. Give me a break.


    • rza

      At least give Joshua Tree a chance.

      Nov 2, 08 10:18 pm  · 

      whats wrong with the tower? why not?

      bono is a bit of a doofus at times, but when they first broke out they were awesome. there was not much going on musically in the 80's and they were not only interesting to listen to, they actually had something to say. remember, those were the days of bananarama and tiffany. ick.

      anyway, it ain't going forward so you don't need to worry about it. let the hate go.

      Nov 3, 08 2:11 am  · 

      i think this is exremely interesting, that a tower which I don't find that groundbreaking, innovative or interesting, is being discussed in Tenessee, US. I guess that's proof that attaching a celebrity to the name of the tower makes it much more marketable internationally.

      and the tower is on hold due to current economic circumstance, rather than cancelled, as one article put it 'stuck in a moment'

      Nov 3, 08 8:20 am  · 

      All I am saying is that they have grouped themselves in the same boat as Donald Trump by naming the building after themselves.

      Although I am not surprised, honestly.

      Nov 3, 08 8:49 am  · 

      I won't comment about your dislike in their music, but I will say your sentiments about the tower are shared.

      Nov 3, 08 9:22 am  · 
      Don't worry, the project isn't getting built
      Nov 3, 08 10:10 am  · 

      ay but look at that fantastic rendering !!!!
      eesh, another project not getting built ? why must developers do this to us (the archi-slaves), get our hopes and dreams up then crush us in efforts to raise land value :(:(:(
      (although this just appears to be a case of the economy)

      Nov 3, 08 10:46 am  · 
      vado retro

      i asked paul hewson how lonely does it get
      paul hewson, he ain't answered yet.
      but i hear him coughing all night long
      a hundred floors above me in his tower of song.

      Nov 3, 08 8:46 pm  · 

      apparently the render slaves who made that decided that water really is as reflective as a mirror, with no distorting effects of its own at all.

      Nov 3, 08 10:55 pm  · 

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