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    Samuel Mortimer
    Apr 5, '09 10:16 AM EST

    I am sure someone has used that title before.

    A couple of years ago Levi (and others?) made an entire bracket of 64 professors, staff, administrators, etc within the College of Architecture. Everyone had a rank and everything - it was pretty legit. The intent was to come up with some kind of process the student body could participate in and decide a winner. Never happened - but the file still exists somewhere.... Maybe next march.

    Anyway, long time since the last post, although it doesn't really seem like it. We are two weeks out from the EPA competition in DC and in the middle of a large installation construction project.

    On another note - we entered the project in the University of Tennessee EUReCA (Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement) competition and were recognized as the top project for the the entire university. Pretty cool huh?

    I will post photos of the EUReCA boards and the model progress soon.

    More info on EUReCA here:

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