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Sep '08 - Feb '13

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    Das Wetter ist kuhl and sonnig

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 17, '08 12:30 PM EST

    Fall is here. (At least for the time being, East Tennessee weather is a bit nutty at times.) I hate riding my bike when it is hot though, so bring on the fall.

    Studio project 1 is officially complete. The general consensus from our two reviews (one in studio, one in integrations) is that our concept was strong and our drawings were shit. Yeah... that is pretty much true. I am glad to be starting work on my own, but for my first group design project - i think it went pretty well.

    I found out yesterday that the School of Architecture is still without an official director. (we have an interim director at present.) There was a search process last spring, but apparently it "failed." Wonderful. I don't quite understand how this process takes so long or why it doesn't seem to be a huge deal - but i suppose i just accept it as one of those complicated bureaucracy things that i don't really care to know about anyway. (because it would probably be upsetting.)

    I tried going to swim practice yesterday evening (as i didn't have much homework). There were like 40 people there - 30 of whom i had never seen before in my life. That group has changed a lot in the last four years.

    Sometimes i wish i could start over Freshman year and do it all again. But then there would be no value in learning from your mistakes. You would just do it right the "first" time.

    Check this out:

    kimberly clark + greenpeace


    • Courtney Healey

      i feel your pain... my school's been searching for a director for years... the faculty keep rotating and begrudgingly taking the interim spot... last year, or two years ago, i can't even remember, they had a few prospective directors visit and lecture... and nothing... i am with you on avoiding the sad details... why doesn't anyone want us... does my school really suck that much... boo-hoo...

      Sep 17, 08 3:27 pm  · 

      my school has had the same "interim" director for almost a year now and we haven't received any updates on whether they are even looking for a replacement. they did, however, make 7 full-time faculty appointments this year after what they called an EXHAUSTIVE search. i can't figure out what was so thorough about it since they are all people who have worked here as adjuncts for years.

      Sep 18, 08 5:45 pm  · 

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