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    Spring Semester Begins

    Samuel Mortimer
    Jan 6, '11 5:23 PM EST
    A two month old photo, but the only one on my machine at the moment

    The winter break is over and we are ready to get back to work for the spring. The weather has turned considerably colder than when our class was last working at the end of November. Hopefully, within the next two weeks we will complete the insulation of the roof and will be able to heat the home a lot more efficiently with temporary heaters. Generally speaking, the division of work between this semester and last semester is that we will be focusing primarily on the interior this spring (while last fall was mostly about the exterior).

    There is a mounting list of tasks to complete as we continue our march towards a early summer completion date. Classes begin next week and we will have a new batch of students to begin investigating a variety of design and construction issues remaining. This semester our class will be open to 4th and 5th year students, as well as the possibility of hosting Polish exchange students who come to the School of Architecture every spring. After two full years of working on the project-- I can honestly say the class dynamic has been different every semester, and expect a similar outcome this spring.

    A very brief summary of our primary focuses this spring includes:

    * Design and fabricate all interior casework and built in furniture (kitchen, bedroom, and swing room)
    * All mechanical, plumbing, and electrical fixtures/units still need to be installed
    * Installing rainwater catchment system (which arrived Monday!)
    * Drywall installation on ceiling and around windows
    * Install interior and exterior doors
    * Interior furnishings
    * Making preparations for a landscape work to be done when the weather turns around

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