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Sep '08 - Feb '13

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    Deutsche test, neu Studioprojekt, football

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 19, '08 2:48 PM EST

    So I had a big German test today. Ugh! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - but then again I haven't gotten my score back yet either. ...So we will see what happens next week.

    I did however get a African American Studies test back today. I got really confused over some of the questions and I am not sure why.


    Which of these choices is incorrect:
    A. Incorrect Fact
    B. Correct Fact
    C. Correct Fact
    D. All the choices are correct

    So the answer would have been A, right? Well here is where I messed everything up. I decided that if A was incorrect, that also meant D was incorrect (because all the answers are not correct, right?) Stupid, I know.

    Anyway, we started our new design project Wednesday. Everyone has been churning out process, but I have literally nothing so far. I spent the majority of the day yesterday working on my ETH (Zurich, Switzerland - the only reason I am taking German) application for this spring. The language barrier is proving to be difficult to break as not all the information I am gathering / need is available in english. I think I have it just about sorted out though. Hopefully sending it off in the next week or so.

    Our football team is playing Florida tomorrow. is a big deal. Ha, no I'm not really that cynical about the whole "football thing" - but I'm still not going to the game. Honestly, I'm just not that interested. I can think of a lot more fun things to do with $15 - and that is just the student price.

    I'm tired of the election. Very tired.

    The accused Palin email "hacker" is a UT Knoxville Student. Victoria was cracking up when she saw this picture. Apparently she knows the guy from Memphis.

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