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    Samuel Mortimer
    Oct 15, '08 3:56 AM EST

    A serious lack of post for the past 2 weeks. I don't feel like things have gotten busier - but they unmistakeably have.

    Studio is moving right along and some of the other sections are already talking about final drawings. Come thanksgiving we will be done and presented already. (as far as i know).

    I am trying to recollect if anything particularly interesting has happened in the studio over the past 2 weeks. We had fall break last week so that was nice. I brought my work home with me and i think we all know how that went. I got some stuff done, but of course my initial hopes were much higher.

    ah - I have a good story - Sasse told me this last night. So up in the first year studios (4th floor, I am on the 3rd) several of them were playing darts on the sharpie dart board someone long ago drew on the pin up wall. (i think we all know where this is going). So this first year (ah, first year) threw a dart (metal, real deal dart) and somehow he was way off and it hit a girl talking beside the atrium. And it did not just hit her - the entire tip of the dart went completely INTO HER NECK.

    They called an ambulance and everything. How terrible would that be to be punctured.


    • that sucks... reminds me of the time when me and some friends were throwing a football in the open air atrium of the architecture building at UF... i rifled one right through my friends hands and into the nose of a girl walking by... she was fine, just a little dazed, but i felt terrible nonetheless...

      Oct 15, 08 4:22 pm  · 
      David Cuthbert

      same shit...I had a no.9 X-acto stuck in my head. A quick drop of blood but i'm alive 14 years later

      come on guys its like running with scissors just don't do it

      Oct 15, 08 4:48 pm  · 

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