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Sep '08 - Feb '13

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    Here we go again: The New Norris House

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 13, '10 11:08 AM EST

    Another post announcing my return to this blog-- perhaps this time I will keep to it.

    UPDATE: I graduated this may with my b.arch from the University of Tennessee. This past summer I was hired by the College of Architecture and Design (at UTKnoxville) to continue work on our design/build effort in collaboration with 4 other recent graduates.

    This fall I have been hired as a "Research Specialist" and am continuing work on the project, but with the addition of a twelve 5th year b.arch students and the retention two other recent graduates working as research specialists from this summer. Currently my job consists of leading a group of 2-4 students (9 of 12 in the class have never worked on the project before) through various design and construction exercises, serving as the primary interface with project partner Clayton Homes, varying degrees of construction management, server and file organization hound, web person, and a speckling of graphic design and grant writing on the side.


    There is a bit of archived blogging about the project, but here's the short and sweet (more and better stated info on our website, but it is still being filled with content)....

    We are working on EPA grant funding to design and construct a sustainable home in Norris, Tennessee. Norris was built around the construction of the Norris dam by the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1933 and was a very progressive development at the time-- a key feature being the Norris Houses themselves, built as models for modern and efficient living.

    We proposed to redesign the Norris house and adapt it for the 21st century. Like the original series of homes, the redesign utilizes natural, local materials; situates itself lightly on the landscape; and is embodied with a progressive vision.

    The project began in the fall of 2008 and went through an initial design phase to win the p3 grant funding from the EPA in spring 2009.

    During the fall of 2009 there was a site change, a necessary phase II redesign, the first iteration of a CD set, and a partnership was secured with Clayton Homes. During the spring of 2010 a studio undertook the task of completing the CD set and began fabricating site elements. And finally this past summer a small team of recent graduates (myself and four others) prepared the set for a Tennessee State Fire Marshall submission and tied up more loose ends than you could possibly imagine.

    NOW. The project has reached a critical juncture and construction in Clayton's facility is going to begin THIS WEDNESDAY. Their entire process will take only 3-4 days, with site delivery set for September 27th.

    I am going to cut this off here (long blog posts are just too hard to follow) but I will be updating regularly with the status of the project and other relevant happenings in my little design/build, research specialist world.

    In the mean time feel free to check out our website, as photos and video will likely show up there first. This is going to be a big week.

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