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Sep '08 - Feb '13

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    A Goodbye To This Blog

    Samuel Mortimer
    Feb 28, '13 7:01 PM EST

    Hi all,

    I started this blog at the request of an upper year (so of course I obeyed) in 2008 as a 3rd year B.Arch student at UT Knoxville. Looking back, I do wish I had kept up with it a bit better and more accurately communicated the shaping experience that I was going through. I see now that I mostly rambled, but I hope someone made use of it in someway.

    That being said, my time at UT is coming to a close, and thus so will this blog. The College of Architecture and Design at UT has been quietly on the rise for many years, and I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend when I did (2005-2010, as a student; 2010-2013, as a researcher working on the New Norris House project).

    If anyone wants to get in touch about UT, feel free to contact me. I am going to keep writing on the New Norris House project blog for some time, and will likely start something new soon. And as a final plug, you can check out my personal website if you want to hire me or otherwise pay me money.

    So-- rather than writing something definitive, I have included a few chronological images below and will just leave it at that. There aren't many and the white space between each image represents a vast amount of work, laughter, red drink, time, joy, stress, and connections made. Some probably need explaining, others are purposefully omitted, but most are clear memories I will not soon forget. I applied to several other schools as a high-schooler and UT was not on my radar AT ALL. I did not want any part of the Orange Nation and did not see myself attending. My mother made me apply anyway, fate intervened, and in retrospect I can honestly say I was completely wrong in my youthful angst and doubts. UT is a fairly large school (~25,000), but the community within the college is incredibly close knit and supportive. Even so, I made it a point to branch out and think I found my way to the other side alright while meeting some good people along the way.

    So here's to you, old Tennessee, and thank you.

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School blog of BArch student Samuel Mortimer kept from 2008 - 2011. Mostly late-night musings of the studio, but with an emphasis of the events of the College of Architecture and Design and University of Tennessee on the whole. Later blogs discuss participation in the New Norris House project, as both a student and researcher hired after graduation.

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