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Sep '08 - Feb '13

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    Office Season 5 and our empty studio

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 25, '08 9:35 PM EST

    Season 5 of The Office starts tonight. There is no one in the building. I have watched it before, but don't really follow it like my roommates do.

    Tuesdays and Thursdays are always good days because I only have one class and it doesn't start until 2pm. Our integrations section with Matt Hall is awesome. He really understands what we are trying to accomplish and isn't to nit picky. We use "The Architect's Studio Companion" (Allen + Iano) for sizing, rules of thumb, etc and that is it. For more complicated stuff we have to go to Kelso or Rabun (the other integrations professors who also teach the Environmental Control Systems and Structures course) but for the most part our section does it own thing.

    Hopefully I'll have a plan and some sections down before the night is over. I didn't talk to Professor Shelton (my studio professor) on Wednesday, so I probably will tomorrow.

    I got some books on the Civil War today. Shelby Foote's
    "The Civil War: A Narrative" - which is considered a definitive source on the entire conflict.

    Also, Eddy W. Davison's and Daniel Foxx's "Nathan Bedford Forrest: In Search of the Enigma." published 2007

    I have been particularly troubled lately trying to get some honest information about Gen. Forrest. I talked to my grandfather today who was a American History professor, but he concentrated more on labor rights, etc. He only had some broad information which I already knew.

    It seems like every thing I find is either very anti-Forrest or very pro-Forrest. This book was written by two University of Arizona professors, but was published in the south. From what I have read so far, they have dealt out both criticism and praise of the man - so we will see.

    Anyway, how about this election? I bet Obama and McCain will debate tomorrow. McCain's plan looks like it is backfiring on him - because Obama is going to hold a townhall-style nationally broadcast meeting by himself rather than agree to postpone. At least that is what i heard as of this afternoonish.

    anyway, time to get to work. victoria's birthday tomorrow. woot!

    Sending my ETH application off soon.


    • _JC

      Stop doing work on Thursdays and start watching The Office...

      Sep 26, 08 5:49 pm  · 

      The office has been going downhill since season 3.

      Sep 27, 08 11:42 am  · 

      I don't know...Season 4 was pretty damn entertaining

      Sep 27, 08 12:35 pm  · 

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