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    Moving out, Thievery, Harry Potter

    Samuel Mortimer
    May 7, '09 11:57 AM EST

    this semester seems like it will never end. Bullet points because I am lazy/ have other stuff to do.

    -Over the past month probably 8 laptops, loads of headphones, harddrives, jumpdrives, webcameras, mice, calculators, and ipods have been stolen from the architecture building.

    -Before we left for DC my backpack was stolen (contents: digital camera, sketchbook, passport, webcamera, headphones).

    -3 days after i got back from DC my laptop was stolen off my desk.

    -Our Norris project was selected as a semi-finalist in the Tau Sigma Delta Jury, as well as included in the Honor's Exhibition.

    -My exhibition for my independent study (separate from Norris) was canceled by the venue 2 days before installation. Excellent.

    -I made this sign and put it all around the building:


    -I got most of my stuff back the next day (crazy huh? computer and all) but the thief is still at large. Thank our excellent campus police for their boneheaded-ness and inability to solve this case.

    -I had to move our of my apartment 2 days ago (sub-leaser had to move in) and have been living out of my [packed] car for 2 days now while I finish up a few more things on campus.

    -Can't seem to finish my video project for Prof. Ambroziak. I can't figure out how to end it! I'll post it up soon. (hopefully completed)

    -Graduation today for my 5thyear BArch and 4th year ID pals.

    -Going home (chattanooga) afterward - woohoo.

    -I am really excited about the new Harry Potter. Anyone else? Don't be shy.


    • Sam,
      It does look good...
      Having your items returned is good news. Was it due to your poster?

      Did you meet the person or schedule some sort of CIA type dropoff?

      May 7, 09 1:14 pm  · 

      Sam! I'm so sorry that you've had such a hard time recently. Great idea with the sign though, and kudos for getting your stuff back.

      Sucks living out of your car though! Take it easy.

      I, too, am ANXIOUSLY awaiting Harry Potter 6! Dude, seriously..... The last two movies are going to be epic!

      Good luck and safe travels....

      May 7, 09 5:23 pm  · 

      Yes, it was because of the poster. The guy actually brought it right to my door step and gave it to me. Luckily, that is the same apartment I just moved out of - so I didn't feel weird about letting him know where i lived. (As if that information couldn't be found out via google/facebook/asking someone relatively easily, anyway.) He refused to take the money though, which is good because I didn't have any. Ha.

      Now if you read back through my post, you'll see not everything was bad! (Inclusion in honors exhibition, coming home, harry potter)

      And while we are on the topic - glad to hear you are excited as well about the film. I started listening to the 6th book on my ipod yesterday on a long car ride to pick up my sister from college in Kentucky. So good. And - let us not forget - the last THREE movies will be epic. (Book 7, as I am sure you know, is in 2 parts.)

      May 9, 09 11:54 am  · 

      I'm so glad you got your stuff back!

      I had my house broken (twice) into and my shit stolen last summer, and although its unsettling, its kind of liberating at the same time.

      I say that because I had backed up all my work on an external drive, so really I only lost material things.

      This blog might really resonnate with you:

      Its a man's story about having his life packed into his car to leave in the morning, but the car was stolen and he had to kind of start over.

      May 11, 09 7:10 am  · 

      That's amazing that you got your stuff back--did the signs really just trigger something in their conscience that made them return it? I have less faith in people than that, but that is great news. We had a lot of people stealing things in the architecture studio when I was in school, too. It's a shame, because it was almost certainly a member of the community.

      Have a good summer!

      May 13, 09 9:44 am  · 
      That blog is pretty interesting. I can't imagine what that would be like. To a certain degree it must a little bit of a release from the grasp of your material possessions, but you would have to be quite the optimist to see it this way.


      From what I can tell the return was prompted by a friend who knew he had it. She apparently holds a certain degree of control over him, although I am not sure that it is his girlfriend??

      That wasn't really the angle I was going for though - when I made it I was trying to put myself in this guys shoes and craft a deal that would make sense to him. ie. Making money off of items that he couldn't otherwise sell or do anything with.

      They are talking about putting up cameras around now. As much as I think this would be a good idea simply to prevent further thefts like this, it makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable to know that 75-90% of my life will be captured on videotape. You know what I mean?

      Late night antics in the studio won't quite be the same if big brother is watching.

      May 13, 09 11:45 am  · 

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