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    tv on the radio / studio deadlines

    Samuel Mortimer
    Oct 26, '08 6:04 PM EST

    As to be expected - Tennessee was annihilated by Alabama yesterday. I'm not particularly upset. I wore an Alabama shirt today in light of the event.

    There was a weird smell in and around my desk for about 3 days. I thought it might have been this big stack of old newspapers, but that didn't fix the problem. Wasn't the trash. No old bottles of milk. It was retched - it smelled like rotting food. This morning Kelly determined it was whatever was in this random plastic bag, which no one could identify as belonging to them at one point. I'm not sure what it was, but it stunk. Much better now.

    In the past week I have been yelled at on my bike twice. Typically this doesn't happen that often - especially considering I have been in the building (the box, as Victoria calls it) most of the week and not out riding my bike. Nothing makes me more angry though - which is saying a lot because i don't get upset easily. I have this airpowered horn on my handbars to honk at people, but it was out of air all week. I filled it up this morning. 110 decibels. It is loud as hell.

    TV on the Radio show tonight at the Bijou theater downtown. I got tickets about 2 months ago. Victoria, Hillary, Drew, and myself. Fun times. If you have heard of these guys before, check them out. [youtube below]

    Studio is coming along. I have been working on the main processional entry to my building for the past day. I think i finally got it. I am working on detailing it now. I won't have anything close to what Ted wants for tomorrow, but I should have a decent amount. I have made a lot of progress in the last week - I just don't have all the requested drawings crossed off. :/

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