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    Clayton Production: Day 1

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 15, '10 11:48 PM EST

    Clayton began their production process today and it is really something else. Many of my classmates made it to this facility and have seen the speed at which they produce, but this was my first time on the production floor. They had our half our floor framed outed, electrical wires run, and plumbing stubbed out in about 2 hours.

    This was only the 1st module, but the second should go just as fast. Tomorrow will be a very active day. Framing the 2nd floor. Building all the wall elevations, setting the walls, framing the roof, and setting at least half the roof on the units. Whew. All in one day.

    Can't believe this will all be done so quickly. (At least the Clayton part.) Seeing this all full scale is a little mind blowing for me at the moment.



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