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    Samuel Mortimer
    Feb 17, '10 8:33 AM EST

    It seems my University of Tennessee Archinect counterpart has stopped blogging---- so since this blog is still active, I will pick it back up.

    Bullet points because they are my favorite/ a lot of time has passed...

    -Back from the ETH. A very amazing semester. Still working on posting projects, photos, and sketches, but most can be accessed here... I had the good intentions of writing some kind of how-to guide about getting to/studying at the ETH (because there was so much interest in the application process, etc) but never got around to it. Maybe one day...

    -Back in Knoxville now. And it's cold. It has been snowing for nearly a week, but nothing is sticking. It has never snowed this many days before though in Knoxville as far as I can remember. (5 years)

    -Working on the Norris House project again. We are moving into the BUILD phase of design build. More details on this later, as it is quite a long tale. (a back-post about project

    -Working on my portfolio/website pretty furiously. Ideally I will start sending out applications in 2-3 weeks.

    -It's cold.

    -What's up with all this spam on archinect? I have been postfree for about 2 months, but get emails everyday about someone wanting to offer me a online GED or something.

    -It's cold. (knoxville cold that is.)

    -That's all for now.

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School blog of BArch student Samuel Mortimer kept from 2008 - 2011. Mostly late-night musings of the studio, but with an emphasis of the events of the College of Architecture and Design and University of Tennessee on the whole. Later blogs discuss participation in the New Norris House project, as both a student and researcher hired after graduation.

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