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    Energy Monitoring Equipment Installation

    Samuel Mortimer
    Aug 12, '11 4:50 PM EST

    Spent yesterday out on-site troubleshooting our monitoring equipment with Tony and Philip from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. (These guys are writing the book on home energy research.)

    I know I am bad about promising longer explanations in the future, but... I promise a longer explanation in the future about all our phase iv quantitative evaluation efforts.

    A quick summary:

    -We are monitoring basically every circuit on the panel board individually using a powerful suite of tools and equipment from eMonitor.

    -We are monitoring the effectiveness of the energy recovery ventilator. (1 temp/RH probe in all four ducts)

    -We are monitoring water temperatures to watch the solar hotwater/ electric makeup heat interaction.

    -Along with all the basic stuff like outdoor weather, interior temperatures/RH, water use for the rainwater system, etc.

    I know not all the archinects out there are that interested in this kind of stuff, but you have to admit that it is really neat. Until next time, friends...
    Ken's Norris Photostream
    ORNL: Building Science Research Center

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