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Sep '08 - Feb '13

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    no professor and little motivation

    Samuel Mortimer
    Oct 22, '08 5:28 PM EST

    Another stretch with just a few updates. I'll give a general roundup of what's been going on in and around "the building". (Do all architecture programs call their building "the building" ?

    -My studio professor is in Dublin at a Sustainability Conference. He gave us a big long to-do list which i am slowly chipping away at. It is hard to work when it is just us up here in the studio.

    -I put a bill up in the SGA Student Senate to the effect that The University would like to see our new chancellor be (in the selection process) be evaluated on their ability to lead the school into a sustainable future. (per several commitments we have already signed on to)

    The bill passed, but the Graduate Student Vice President (2nd year law student named Drew Justice) suggested that sustainable design and building practices would better serve the university if we built using standard practices and then invested in CDs. ?? I was livid.

    -I spent the night under my desk last night. (At the time i convinced myself it was too cold to ride my bike home at 4am.) Under two sleeping bags and with a nice pillow, it was actually QUITE nice. Woke up at 7 and studied for a german quiz.

    -There was a rally today against the budget cuts ($17 million just announced - on top of $21 million already known) passed on by the state legislature to the University. The rally was a call for more support of public higher education. It was sponsored by Students For a Just University, Progressive Student Alliance, and UCW-CWA (UT's Campus Worker's Union). I was asked to speak on behalf of Students For a Just University and as a Senator in SGA. It was really empowering - there were several hundred people there I would say. Lots of faculty, staff, and students showed up and we definitely got our message out.

    The College of Architecture + Design is going to feel this pinch. We could potentially lose all lecturers (which would be a huge blow, obviously) among many other things.

    If there are any UT alumni reading this - if you get a chance please give Senator Jamie Woodson (Rep. for the 6th district of TN and chair of Senate Education Committee) a call or email and ask her to oppose budget cuts to the University. Talking points: utilizing $1billion rainy day fund and closing lucrative tax exemption holes (ie. taxidermy and boats).

    (615) 741-1468
    (865) 539-8683

    Campus Workers Rally To Fight Budgeting Cuts

    That's my rant and update for today.



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    • NoSleep

      you have been BUSY!

      our grad school is circulating a petition to include a sustainability program into our curriculum. in comparison to your work, we have a long way to go...


      Oct 22, 08 7:10 pm  · 

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