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  • Norway Sweden Study Tour DIS

    Matthew Messner
    Jul 17, '11 6:35 PM EST

    As mentioned in previous posts I have been studying in Copenhagen with the Danish Institute of Study Abroad. In the last week we were treated to study tours to either Norway and Sweden or Finland and Sweden. My group traveled to Norway and Sweden. My first reaction to the news that I would not be... View full entry

  • JDS Architects: an Introduction

    Matthew Messner
    Jul 6, '11 1:24 AM EST

    So as mentioned in a much earlier post, I have been in Copenhagen for a little over a month... working on a Super Secret Project It is finally done... A short back story. Towards the end of the school year, Julien De Smedt came to UIC to lecture. I was fortunate enough to be able to interview him... View full entry

  • GLITCHED MATRX by Jason Mould

    Matthew Messner
    May 31, '11 1:39 PM EST

    Here is a project from Jason Mould in my studio ARCH 552. This project was also chosen for the Year End Show. Check it. [GLITCHED MATRX] The choices are usually open office, or the corridor office plan. However, with is project, a new type of office plan is designed in which the corridor and the... View full entry

  • København

    Matthew Messner
    May 24, '11 11:58 PM EST

    So I have been a bit absent as of late around here. I thought things might slow up after school so I could focus on putting up some recaps. I was wrong. Yesterday I arrived in Copenhagen were I will be working on a super secret project and eventually taking a studio with DIS. I am already in love... View full entry

  • And...... Sleep.

    Matthew Messner
    May 6, '11 2:11 PM EST

    So I tried my hardest not to slow down on posts all semester, but in the end studio, theory and tech all slowed me down more then I hoped. So now everyone gets to read a series of post wrapping up the semester that just ended this week. Ill start with Studio. ARCH552 w/ Penelope Dean and Andrew... View full entry

  • 36hrs

    Matthew Messner
    Apr 30, '11 8:14 AM EST

    Less then 36hrs until studio work is due. our confirmed critics: Andrew Zago, Rob Livesey, Jose Oubrerie many more posts and many more pictures coming soon. View full entry

  • Take 5

    Matthew Messner
    Apr 28, '11 8:59 PM EST

    Our fifth and final studio review. Be there if you are awesome. Many many more posts after monday. These last few weeks have been a wild ride. but seriously lots of models. dare I say super models. View full entry

  • Fresh Meat: The How-To Issue

    Matthew Messner
    Apr 24, '11 11:40 AM EST

    Just released. School of Architecture @ UIC's student run journal. I shot the cover buy it  it is amazing. "After our earlier celebrations of architecture’s mystique and particular fetishes—the inside of the Black Box, as we put it in Issue 3—FM decided to explore a more... View full entry

  • Live Blogging Paul Andersen

    Matthew Messner
    Apr 6, '11 2:19 PM EST

    Paul Andersen is the last candidate for the assistant professorship here at UIC. I am goin to try and blog a bit while he is talking. Paul Andersen, Wednesday, April 6 Paul Andersen is director of !ndie Architecture, a Denver-based office that develops new design strategies and aesthetic... View full entry

  • Attack of the Giant Models

    Matthew Messner
    Apr 5, '11 11:28 PM EST

    Don't let the number of posts I am doing lull you into thinking that I am not just as busy as every other student. I just have my priorities screwed up or something... anyway here are a few shots from our weekly monday show-and-tell, this time with 1/16th study models. My contribution to the... View full entry

  • Guilty Pleasures Poster II

    Matthew Messner
    Apr 5, '11 8:44 PM EST

    not gunna lie, kinda excited about this. Posters by Jenna Wolf View full entry

  • Just Announced- Guilty Pleasures

    Matthew Messner
    Apr 5, '11 12:24 PM EST

    Comic Projections Friday, April 8 Reception 5–5:45pm • 3100 Octagon Panel 6pm • 1100 A+A Neil Denari, Sam Jacob, Mark Linder, Ben Nicholson, and Andrew Zago View full entry

  • DuptUS at the MCA pt.1

    Matthew Messner
    Apr 5, '11 1:04 AM EST

    Absolutely, positively, should not be writing this write now, as... well... I am in architecture school and I have other things to be doing... but... With a recent opening last Friday at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Department of Urban makes fine art? oh yeah! Headed by... View full entry

  • So much to Do, So much to See

    Matthew Messner
    Apr 1, '11 1:27 AM EST

    There is a lot happening around here lately and I am going to try and keep up with it on here. Last week was "Spring Break", which did not feel like spring or a break with temperatures in the 20s and low 30s and multiple 15hr work days to get ready for a pin up on Monday and a theory paper that... View full entry

  • Getting There

    Matthew Messner
    Mar 20, '11 6:29 PM EST

    With the thawing sun of spring starts to shine on Chicago so came Studio Review 3 of 5 to our class. And Now? SPRING BREAK! After waking from a 17hr pseudo-hibernation state,finally relaxed. Our studio projects are looking more and more like "buildings" as we refine the resolution and working... View full entry

  • Faculty Candidate Presentations

    Matthew Messner
    Mar 3, '11 12:48 AM EST

    This is from an email distributed by our Assistant Director, pertaining to new faculty candidate presentations and I quote... As part of the interview process, each candidate will give a public presentation to the School, and all students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend. The... View full entry

  • Review II

    Matthew Messner
    Feb 22, '11 8:56 PM EST

    Frank Gossage experiencing the general feeling of exhaustion among the class. Our second review (of five this semester) was Monday. I am happy to report that for me at least, and i believe many others, this was a positive event. The discussion was very architectural and the critique was very to... View full entry

  • It is getting messy in here...

    Matthew Messner
    Feb 18, '11 2:25 AM EST

    So here are a few promised images of what has been going on around here. The first few are from our first review and the others are from our last pinup on Monday. The first review (31DEC2011) was of little 4x4x1 PVC models and 4x4x1 boxes of acetate and paper. Now we are onto 8x8x2 foam and paper... View full entry

  • Week 6... or 7?

    Matthew Messner
    Feb 16, '11 6:40 PM EST

    I hardly know what day it is. It is that time of the semester: long periods without blogging, long nights of no sleep, short weekends of no fun (well my house did have a party for Ol'Abe's birthday last Saterday), critiques that start you over, and the looming prospect of the midterm review. The... View full entry

  • Finally Announced Lecture Series

    Matthew Messner
    Feb 10, '11 4:48 PM EST

    They must have heard us grumbling... so here they are, the UIC spring lecture series. UIC School of Architecture Spring 2011 Lecture Series 2.21 Marcia Lausen Director, School of Art + Design, UIC, Chicago Founder, Studio/lab, Chicago 3.2 Iñaki Ábalos + Renata Sentkiewicz... View full entry

  • Reflections on a Snow Day in the City

    Matthew Messner
    Feb 4, '11 12:47 PM EST

    Very few things can stop the Chicago Machine. We do not experience major earthquakes, hurricanes, mudslides, and the city itself has not had a tornado in it since the 1800's. Perhaps the most major natural occurrence here is the frigid blizzard. During and after a major blizzard, even the most... View full entry

  • Portfolio Day

    Matthew Messner
    Feb 4, '11 12:14 AM EST

    Today, 04FEB2011, is Portfolio Day at UIC. A few weeks ago I gave a few previews of the work and talked about the student voting process. At the reception tonight the student choice award will be presented along with Faculty and Alumni winners! I'll most likely be taking a few photos so watch for... View full entry

  • Let it SNOW!

    Matthew Messner
    Feb 1, '11 4:30 PM EST

    As many may or may have not noticed the central portion of the U.S. is getting battered by an intense snow storm. Here in Chicago the snow has really just started dumping about an 1" or 2" in the last 2 hours. Classes at UIC have been cancelled and the 'L' was packed with commuters heading home... View full entry

  • More Stuff the Could Never Be Built from UIC

    Matthew Messner
    Jan 26, '11 9:58 PM EST

    Nearly three weeks into the semester here at UIC, we are officially waist deep in studio. ARCH 552 is another studio based on the exploration of formal language though intensive modeling and diagrammatic drawing. Set Up in five stages we are quickly coming up on the end of the first stage, with a... View full entry

  • A Belated Recapitulation

    Matthew Messner
    Jan 20, '11 4:35 PM EST

    In an attempt to avoid too much repetition (despite architectures regular study of it) I will sometimes be posting links to our schools blog Fresh Meat. I have done it in the past and this post will do it again. The posts on Fresh Meat are always interesting, and, not always being written by me... View full entry

  • Portfolio Eric Hoffman

    Matthew Messner
    Jan 18, '11 12:47 PM EST

    In anticipation of Portfolio Day here at UIC here is Eric Hoffman's portfolio. Portfolio Day involves and exposition of all of the student portfolios and a student choice vote for best work.Fall 2010 Studio Portfolio by Eric Hoffman | Make Your Own Book View full entry

  • Fresh Meat Photography

    Matthew Messner
    Jan 18, '11 1:19 AM EST

    For those interested in Architectural Photography, check out my recent post on our schools online publication Fresh Meat. The post explores a little bit of the history and the affect that Photography has had on the Architectural Design. I was prompted to write the post after some extensive... View full entry

  • Portfolio Frank Gossage

    Matthew Messner
    Jan 13, '11 12:18 PM EST

    The Semester Portfolio of Frank Gossage for ARCH551Control by Frank Gossage | Make Your Own Book View full entry

  • Portfolio Paola Gomez

    Matthew Messner
    Jan 12, '11 2:40 PM EST

    In continuing with showing work from the UIC M.Arch program, here is Paola Gomez's Semester Portfolio. Some of it may look familiar from an earlier post, but now you have a chance to read some of the text for an explanation.Paola Gomez by Paola Gomez | Make Your Own Book View full entry

  • ARCH 562 with Sean Lally

    Matthew Messner
    Jan 11, '11 11:50 AM EST

    Here is a an overview of our new UIC M.Arch grad tech class with Sean Lally. I am writing this live during the first class. I will be writing this in something of a bullet points as things are presented in the power point. The class is a discussion about physical Boundaries and the Materials used... View full entry

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