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    AIA Chicago Student Award | Ryan Hernandez

    Matthew Messner
    Aug 27, '13 12:48 AM EST

    Close on Kevin Pazik's heels for the AIA Student Award was fellow recent grad Ryan Hernandez.  Her project focused on the oft ignored built environment of the graveyard, and was awarded an Honorable Mention.

    Ash Park Cemetery by Ryan Hernandez

    "The faceted and torquing geometry lends itself to a graphic hatching patten, which creates depth.  The hatching is then deployed across corners to create an illusion about a 3D object, obscuring the perception of the figures.  The triangulated forms created are nested into one another to produce a field.  The upper portion of the form creates a canopy overhead.  The legs remain thin and create a more interactive space underneath.  Directly beneath the forms, the viewer is able to see the interior of each form. The soft interior contrasts the hard edges of the exterior and delivers a different experience each time viewed.   The figures are created out of human ash and cement and produce a continuous field.
    The site, in New Orleans, specifically, Old Algiers, was once home to a plantation in which a wealthy family also owned slaves.  It was here on Old Algiers point that slaves would enter from Africa.  Not all would cross the river to the heart of the city.  Slaves were buried in corners of plantations with no defining head stones.  Unlike the treatment of the slaves, my project serves to call out the dead and force the city to interact with it."


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