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    ARCH 562 with Sean Lally

    Matthew Messner
    Jan 11, '11 11:50 AM EST

    Here is a an overview of our new UIC M.Arch grad tech class with Sean Lally.
    I am writing this live during the first class. I will be writing this in something of a bullet points as things are presented in the power point.

    The class is a discussion about physical Boundaries and the Materials used to define them. We will look at how materials and construction methods have and are being used, and how they might be used in the future.

    The hope is to define our position between that of the Efficient and that of the Effect. Not saying that one is right or wrong but rather where in the spectrum we sit.

    Efficiency being design based on a preconceived notion of a goal. ei. The comfort zone, sustainability.

    Effect being the ethereal experience of a space that is not always 'designed' in a traditional sense.

    If, as an architect, we can control it/quantify it, we can use it.

    The class will be based around group projects and group presentations on a selection of readings.

    The first project looks at the Envelope strategy and construction, the organizational implications, and the technologies deployed. In groups of two we will look at case studies that range from SANNA to OMA, to Zumthor, to Murcutt.

    The second project will be a material case study and the third will be about units of measurement and mapping techniques. much more on those later.

    A final project will be a design prototype that will 'test a method of boundary and edge through the approach of the materials and strategies outlined in the lectures and previous exercises.'

    I am not sure if I that is clear. There will be more about this as the class goes on. I am very excited about this class, I think this class will produce some very interesting work.

    That is all for now.

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