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    AIA Chicago Student Award | Kevin Pazik

    Matthew Messner
    Aug 27, '13 12:36 AM EST

    We are going to start this school year with some rapid fire posts and a look back at some events from this summer. 

    Perhaps of most note, where the large number of Awards won by UIC Students and Faculty in the last few months.  As mentioned, Faculty Thomas Kelly, will be shooting off to Rome in about a week to fulfill his Rome Prize.   My good friend and often partner in crime Evgeniya Plotnikova was the recipient of this years Harold Schiff Design Fellowship (maybe more on that if I can get some images from her).  Another of my classmates Maged Guerguis, was the second place winner of the SOM Traveling Fellowship.  

    On the undergrad front, recent graduate Kevin Pazik was the winner of this years AIA Chicago Student Award.  Here is a look at his project.


    Nine Little Worlds by Kevin Pazik

    Architecture and landscapes have the power to displace natural geography by manufacturing place. Even when imitating local conditions, architecture and landscapes are simply fabricated realities. Nine Little Worlds is exactly that; Nine Little Worlds is a park about fantasy experiences and made up places.

    Nine Little Worlds is a hallucinogenic mirage of other places and experiences. These worlds are so real that they feel completely authentic.  Through the use of Visual mimicry, alteration of pattern, environmental additives, Nine Little Worlds generates nine new sensory environments that ignore local conditions for the park goer to explore. From a field that blooms at night, to a forest that generates its own heat, to a quilted field, each world is an autonomous condition with its own fantasy experience.

    Nine Little Worlds takes control over nature and distills it into a field of points. The airport’s by-products are then added into the system and act as influence points to either attract or detract the field. Nine Little Worlds situates itself along the perimeter of O’Hare International Airport, drawing resources such as rain water, glycol runoff, and heat, while attempting to mitigate the various pollutions of the airport.

    Studio Information:
    Clare Lyster
    Arch 466
    Spring 2013
    Manufactured Fields


    more of his work here...

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