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    Final Push

    Matthew Messner
    Dec 7, '12 4:00 AM EST

    Only a few days left in the semester.

    Finals one Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

    Third Year Grad finals will be all day Wednesday.  Mine in the Afternoon.

    Stop by and take a look.

    Here is a peak at one of my drawings.


    • accesskb

      what in the world is that?

      Dec 8, 12 5:16 am  · 

      Its awesome!! I dont think its a real building or anything right? but surely its fun to look at it and imagine some cool architectural spaces!

      Dec 8, 12 12:39 pm  · 

      Wow! Good job! :)

      Dec 26, 12 12:05 pm  · 

      Sorry I did not respond to these messages.

      It is just a portion of a section project.  I will have the full project with details up soon.

      Thanks for checking it out.

      Dec 27, 12 11:04 pm  · 

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