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    Portfolio Eric Hoffman

    Matthew Messner
    Jan 18, '11 12:47 PM EST

    In anticipation of Portfolio Day here at UIC here is Eric Hoffman's portfolio.

    Portfolio Day involves and exposition of all of the student portfolios and a student choice vote for best work.

    Fall 2010 Studio Portfolio by Eric Hoffman | Make Your Own Book


    • Lian Chikako Chang


      Jan 18, 11 7:48 pm  · 

      using the lightwell to divide and organize the spaces is a great idea - but folded floor plates??? I understand that this project is just a formal exercise, but I really hope someone criticized at least this part in this student's review.

      all these house projects seem to be missing something... I can't quite put my finger on it... seems more like a rhino class than a studio project, or more like an exercise you'd have at the first half of a semester before you get into the "real" project.

      I really hope this is for a foundation studio.

      Jan 19, 11 10:07 am  · 

      I will let Eric respond about his project if he chooses. I do remember it being well received over all, but I am sure he has more to say about it.

      In any case this 'studio' was definitely a foundation studio. The 3year program here at UIC is open to non-archi background students, so much of this first year is foundation stuff. It is a little aggravating for the 80% of us that come from Architecture, but like any studio it is what you put into it.

      I have perhaps not given this studio the due explanation that some people seem to be wondering about. The title of the studio was Control. Paul Preissner's idea is that one must master a set of tools through intense repetition to gain the control needed to express thought through product.

      This studio was to attempt to build on the mastery of Maya mainly, while also working between Rhino, ACAD, and Illustrator.

      Many students in the course share in some of the critique that has been leveled against it, but speaking for myself at least, the goal was clear and we did in fact become quite proficient at the tools we were asked to use.

      Thank you very much for the thoughtful comment.

      To everyone, I try to respond to anyone that has interesting or thoughtful critique.

      Jan 19, 11 11:20 am  · 

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