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    Matthew Messner
    Nov 22, '10 5:41 PM EST

    1. The mania resulting from studying the works of Peter Eisenman for extended periods of time.
    2. The mania resulting from living in the works of Peter Eisenman for any period of time.

    Here we are with only two weeks left in the first semester of the 3 year M.Arch Program at UIC. Our studio has been more or less completely based on the study of Eisenman's House VI. Not by means of Idol worship as much as critical analysis of process, emphasis on critical. Without diving too deep into person feelings about Eisenman's work, it should be noted that few (if any) in our class are any more fans of his work this far into our analysis. The Studio is led by Laura Fehlberg, and Paul Preissner, who worked in Eisenman's office for a time.

    We started with "forgeries" of the 14 House VI drawings. Our task was to completely copy every transformational drawing through the use of Maya. The final result where images more presise then the originals, as the originals where hand made, but nearly exactly the same.

    Adrianne Jørgensen ponders what it means to have Eisenmania

    The second step was to take those drawings and figure out a new language that would transform the originals into a new set. A set that was personal to each student. Once again using Maya, these drawings came to be known as our "Curvy" drawings.

    If Eisenman is doing upside down stairs, I'm throwing in some chutes and ladders.

    Now we find ourselves in in the middle of our final project. The Charge? design a house the is a transformation and re-imagining of a house primitive (a monopoly House).

    Sneaky Peak of the house in progress.

    Watch for an end of the year update on this studio and highlights of projects. There has been a lot written about this studio and more on the crippling Eisenmania on our school's Journal's ( Fresh Meat) Studio Blog (another blog I contribute to in a different capacity).


    • Lian Chikako Chang

      I like Eisenman, but that's a lotta Eisenman. On the bright side, that house is looking good!

      Nov 22, 10 9:34 pm  · 
      olaf design ninja


      Nov 23, 10 12:13 am  · 
      drums please, Fab?

      oh, YES!

      Jan 3, 13 4:32 pm  · 

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