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  • Designing the Election: Part II

    Matthew Messner
    Nov 6, '12 1:24 AM EST

    Here is the second of two posts about the design aspects of the election.  In our Designing Criticism class we have been discussing what the design of particular aspects of the campaign tell us about our electoral process and our democracy.   This first essay,was by Adrianne... View full entry

  • Designing the Election: Part I

    Matthew Messner
    Nov 5, '12 9:41 PM EST

    The first of two, this is an essay about the design of the election.  In our Designing Criticism class we have explored what the design of particular aspects of the campaign tell us about our electoral process and our democracy.   This first essay, by Adrianne... View full entry

  • Incusion with Andrew Zago

    Matthew Messner
    Nov 4, '12 1:35 AM EST

    This Saturday we had our ARCH566 Research Seminar Midterm.  We were joined by Jeff Kipnis, Jose R. Oubrerie, John McMorrough, Sam Jacob, Jimenez Lai, and Bob Somol.   The title of Arch566 is "Architecture considered in relation to art, customs, and legislation; in which... View full entry

  • Tom Leader Lecture

    Matthew Messner
    Oct 29, '12 1:17 PM EST

    Tonight Tonight View full entry

  • Work of Adrianne Jørgensen

    Matthew Messner
    Oct 23, '12 8:26 PM EST

    Asked for a single large image for our ARCH565 midterm with Sam Jacob and Jimenez Lai, this is the work of Adrianne Jørgensen.  This measured approximately 5'6" in diameter.         View full entry

  • Yokohama and 100 Posts

    Matthew Messner
    Oct 22, '12 3:09 AM EST

    This is my 100th post on Archinect.  I would like to thank everyone for reading/commenting/complaining/sharing over the past 2 years or so.  I have a bit more time left at UIC so let's see if we can hit 200.   In honor of 100 posts I have the pleasure of presenting my teams... View full entry

  • Designing Criticism

    Matthew Messner
    Oct 11, '12 2:14 AM EST

    Of Bank Vaults and Prescription Drugs There is a place in Wicker Park, Chicago, where you can by condoms and pick up Prozac prescriptions in a room with a 30' stained glass and heavy timber ceiling. Wicker Park is the model of an 'ideal' urban neighborhood for the early 21st century American... View full entry

  • More UIC

    Matthew Messner
    Oct 4, '12 11:01 PM EST

    I try to keep up with posting on this blog, but even my best efforts only cover one point of view pertaining to UIC.  Thankfully there is FreshMeat.  This years crop of studio bloggers (kind of a micro school blog) cover almost every aspect of UIC grad and undergrad. The posts... View full entry

  • House House House

    Matthew Messner
    Oct 1, '12 12:53 AM EST

    ARCH 565/Prof.Sam Jacob/Prof.Jimenez Lai/Process work sans any explanation. View full entry

  • Clumsy Form One Last Time

    Matthew Messner
    Sep 18, '12 11:44 PM EST

    So last semester a bunch of people got in a tizzy about this post. And then everyone was mesmerized by this post. Well, Daniel Starcher has recently updated his blog to include the final renderings from his Clumsy Form project.  Here they are.  Check out his blog for a few more... View full entry

  • Repetition Repetition Repetion

    Matthew Messner
    Sep 14, '12 12:22 PM EST

    Finishing up week three here at UIC. I would be happy to say that I am in the home stretch of my Three Year Masters, but in reality it looks like I am going to stick around for one more year to get my Masters of Art and Design Criticism on top of my M.Arch.  This is already starting to shape... View full entry

    The Animate Grid

    Houses of Camazotz

  • 2012 Graduate Open House

    Matthew Messner
    Sep 4, '12 7:55 PM EST

    We are starting our second week of school at UIC.  I will have more on what has been happening soon, but first. The School of Architecture's Graduate Programs Open House will take place Friday, October 5, from 4:30 to 7:30pm. In addition to faculty presentations and an admissions information... View full entry

  • "What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

    Matthew Messner
    Aug 23, '12 7:29 PM EST

    As part of the final presentation of work done for the AA/UIC Visiting school Doctoral Student Dipl.-Ing. Carin M. Schirmacher will be performing a short action in front of the Sears Tower tomorrow morning at 9am.   "Naming and Renaming buildings is especially here in Chicago a big... View full entry

  • Sean Lally and Kirk Wooler - AA/UIC

    Matthew Messner
    Aug 19, '12 11:28 PM EST

    Two more to go! The third in a four-part series of conversations on topics that are vital to the success of making ideas happen in the city. 6pm   Location: School of Architecture, Gallery 1100, University of Illinois at Chicago, 845 W. Harrison St., Chicago, IL 60607. Free and open to the... View full entry

  • Felsen and Eisenschmidt - AA/UIC

    Matthew Messner
    Aug 14, '12 2:07 AM EST

    Here we go again. After last nights inspiring talk with Tigerman, the baton is passed to Felsen of UrbanLab. The second in a four-part series of conversations on topics that are vital to the success of making ideas happen in the city.   Location: School of Architecture, Gallery... View full entry

  • Tigerman and Somol - AA/UIC

    Matthew Messner
    Aug 12, '12 4:57 PM EST

    Tomorrow Night!  As part of the AA visiting school, over the next two weeks there will be a series of Conversations held, that will be open to the public.  The first promises to be interesting as the former director returns.  Stanley Tigerman will sit down with Robert Somol at UIC... View full entry

  • Campaigning Architecture AA/UIC

    Matthew Messner
    Jul 2, '12 2:24 PM EST

    For those looking for something to do this August (looking at you unemployed masses)  the 2012 AA/UIC Global Workshop is still accepting applications for Campaigning Architecture.  I will let it speak for itself below. Check out its website here.   CAMPAIGNING... View full entry

  • T - 24hrs

    Matthew Messner
    May 13, '12 9:58 PM EST

    With less then 24 hours to go on the Hefner/Beuys House Kickstarter, now is the time for all you awesome Archinerd to help out.  We are so so close to getting there.   Check it out. Get involved Get your awesome book Get your awesome Original Painting.   Over 100 people have... View full entry


    Matthew Messner
    May 8, '12 4:08 PM EST

    In the flurry of final reviews in the last few weeks I was able to see some amazing work.  As the schools photographer I actually went to every single review, if only for a short time to document the work. One review that I was sure to spend and extended amount of time at was that of Jimenez... View full entry

  • Lai at YAF: May 8

    Matthew Messner
    May 7, '12 1:31 AM EST

    There is a ton going on and there is a lot to post on here as the semester has just wrapped up. But first...   This Tuesday in Chicago you have a chance to come and hear Jimenez Lai talk about The Hefner/Beuys House at the Young Architects Forum.  The event will be at ... Rodan... View full entry

  • Hefner/Beuys House

    Matthew Messner
    May 3, '12 4:05 AM EST

    As featured here on Archinect (and about every other architecture website) the Hefner/Beuys House is a project by Jimenez Lai that is taking a little different approach to getting something built.     This project needs your help.  With only a short time to go there is still a lot... View full entry

  • Year End Show! Be THERE!

    Matthew Messner
    May 2, '12 1:12 PM EST

    Sights of Wonder and Amazment await all that attend.     Year End Show Friday, May 4 2012 5-7:30pm A+A Building Galleries 845 West Harrison   Seriously this is going to be an epic event showcasing the work of our school.   View full entry

  • Garofalo Symposium

    Matthew Messner
    Apr 16, '12 11:27 PM EST

    I very much hope to see some of you at this.  It should be amazing.  (Ill be the one running around with a camera) From the SOA@UIC website... April 27th   (rsvp by April 24) The UIC School of Architecture presents the inaugural Garofalo Symposium, a conversation about Doug... View full entry

  • Activate

    Matthew Messner
    Mar 31, '12 4:53 AM EST

    The Activate Competition is an annual design competition hosted by the Chicago Chapter of  Architecture for Humanity.  This year the Department of Urban Speculation put forth a team consisting of Saravana Vennelakanti, a 3rd year undergrad, and myself... View full entry

  • Attack the Block with Andrew Zago

    Matthew Messner
    Mar 23, '12 6:56 PM EST

    For this semester's elective I have been taking Andrew Zago's "Attack the Block" seminar co-taught by Sarah Blankenbaker.   From the class brief- "The goal of this course is twofold; to research the difference between the object (design) and architecture (form) and to produce new work that... View full entry

  • Clumsy Formalized- Work Daniel Starcher

    Matthew Messner
    Mar 19, '12 7:55 PM EST

    More from the Clumsy Form Studio.  The work of Daniel Starcher View full entry

  • Clumsy Formalized- Work of Tuan Nguyen

    Matthew Messner
    Mar 19, '12 1:24 AM EST

    Spring Break!  here come some posts   Back by heavy popular demand here is another post on  Paul Preissner's Clumsy Forms Studio.  If you remember from an older post... Clumsy Forms, comes out of Paul Preissner's research group.  Thier project assumes an Architecture... View full entry

  • Fresh Slice of Fresh Meat

    Matthew Messner
    Mar 1, '12 1:07 PM EST

    In anticipation of Issue V of our schools journal Fresh Meat, has just been relaunched!  The relaunch includes new features, new stories and new contributors and will be the place to find updates that I don't cover here.  In particular... View full entry

  • Lobster Hospitals and Ammo Igloos

    Matthew Messner
    Feb 25, '12 3:17 PM EST

    This semester our second year class has been divided in two for our Theory ARCH586 course.  I am in the section lead by Clare Lyster, entitle Urbanism as Network:Design/Theory/Acgency.   from the class brief "The seminar analyzes a series of emerging networks to examine how they are... View full entry

  • Kaohsiung Cultural Center

    Matthew Messner
    Feb 7, '12 10:05 PM EST

    Kaohsiung Cultural Center Campus by Christopher Savanelli & Ivan Ostapenko This project was from last years third year Directed Research Studio with Prof.Sean Lally.  Resently it has been getting some much deserved attention.   You may remember it from  the opening slide in RE... View full entry

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