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    Copenhagen Wrap Up

    Matthew Messner
    Sep 10, '11 5:57 PM EST

    Here we go.

    I am back in Chicago after a summer in Copenhagen and other various Nordic lands. (I actually have been for a bit, started school on AUG22).

    I thought I would take a second to thank all the people that made the summer what it was.


    Thank you to the Danish Institute of Study abroad. The program was incredibly well organized and executed. Well worth the time and money to be part of.

    In particular from DIS thank you Bo Christiansen, my studio professor/tour guide/crazy Dane. Never will you meet someone more excited and willing to share their knowledge about their homeland and its design. For any design professionals interested in REALLY seeing Copenhagen and the region check out his company SCALEDENMARK Trust me you want Bo as a tour guide

    And then there was my time at JDS...

    Thank you to all of the office for welcoming me and agreeing to any odd demands that I had while making the film. Big thanks to Wouter Dons, Eric Gilham, Paco Villeda, Edna Lüddecke, Marion Julien, Cristina Marigo, Felix Luong, Heechan Park, Mariela Rumiche,David Dguez, Sandra Fleischmann and anyone I may failed to mention.

    A little bigger thanks to Lasse Lyhne, for being awesome. I couldn't have survived without your help (mostly because you gave me a place to live.)

    Another big thanks to Andrew Griffin and Henning Stüben.

    also a thanks to Sophia Maj for the awesome sounds and Nikolaj Møller for making the video project at all possible.

    Lastly, but far from least, thank you to Julien De Smedt. Thank you for the invitation to come to your office. It was a truly amazing experience for me in every way.

    For those thave have not seen the short film I made for JDS check it out...

    JDS Architects: an Introduction from JDS Architects on Vimeo.


    Here is a look at some of the work I produced for DIS.

    We were given a site in the soon to be redeveloped Nørreport Station by COBE. Our charge was to build a long term bicycle parking area for people looking for a more secure place to put their bikes. My solution was the Jordhavn.

    from the boards

    The Jordhavn, or Earth Harbor, is a new space for all of Copenhagen. Located withen the new Norreport Station Master Plan, the Jordhavn completes a web of transportation that includes
    the Regional and Local rail system, and the Kastrup Lufthavn. The Jordhavn brings the city bike lanes into the web through a world-class public storage and gathering facility. By matching the quality of Copenhagens already steller transportation infrastructure, the Jordhavn will set the city appart from other nation’s capitals, enforcing the trend that Copenhagen takes bicycle transportation seriously.

    the grid proposed by COBE

    Trace it...

    Pull it...


    The site plan


    Section with connection to S-Tog



    Interior with reflective ceiling and Cykelalcove- Built into the earth, the Cykelallcove provide a high level of security on multiple levels. Under the surface of the plaza bicycles remain first safe from the elements. To ensure theft security, a bar is lowered and secured with the deposit of a refundable 20DKK coin. The Jordhavn is not monetized over the rental deposit in line with the cities promotion of bicycle culture for
    all residence.

    Lighting- Night lighting works in a few very specific ways in the Jordhavn. Uplit, the metal cladded underside of the roof plaza, the Togtorv, sheds indirect soft light through the inner space and shines out into the plaza inviting the public to explore. On the surface of the Togtorv, a rim of light outlines the entire site providing an unobtrusive saftey measure. Benches on the Togtorv work in a similar way to the project as a whole with uplit metal undersides.

    Not to shabby for a few short weeks worth of work. no?

    Much much more coming soon. Including my all interior studio project... yeah. what if... the Pantheon as a pool? Think about it.


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