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    Norway Sweden Study Tour DIS

    Matthew Messner
    Jul 17, '11 6:35 PM EST

    As mentioned in previous posts I have been studying in Copenhagen with the Danish Institute of Study Abroad. In the last week we were treated to study tours to either Norway and Sweden or Finland and Sweden. My group traveled to Norway and Sweden. My first reaction to the news that I would not be going to Finland (we did not choose where we would be going) was that of a bit of disappointment as I was hoping to see some Aalto on this trip. In hindsight I am very happy that I was able to see Norway and Sverre Fehn works that come along with that.

    The week long tour started with an over night ferry ride from Copenhagen to Oslo. We quickly moved into fast paced Architecture tour mood to see the great number of buildings we had to see. Here is the list what those that we visited...

    DFDS Ferry Termanal- 3XN Copenhagen
    Aker Brygge- Oslo Norway
    Nasjonalmuseet- Sverre Fehn, Oslo Norway
    Den Norske Opera & Ballet- Snøhetta, Oslo Norway
    Hedmarks Museet- Sverre Fehn, Hammar Norway
    Holmenkollen Ski Jump- JDS, Oslo Norway
    Vigeland Sculpture Park- Oslo Norway
    Viking Ship Museet- Oslo Norway
    Norske Folk Museet- Oslo Norway
    Villa Stenerson- Arne Korsmo, Oslo Norway
    Mortensrud Kirke- Jensen & Skodvin, Norway
    Lars Lerin Museum- Sweden
    Arkitectur Museet- Stockholm Sweden
    Moderna Museet- Rafeal Moneo, Stockholm Sweden
    Stockholm Stadbibliotek- Gunnur Asplund, Stockholm Sweden
    Hammarby Sjöstad- Stockholm Sweden
    Markuskyrkan- Sigurd Lewerentz, Stockholm Sweden
    Woodland Cemetary- Gunnur Asplund & Sigurd Lewerentz, Stockholm Sweden
    Woodland Chapel- Gunnur Asplund, Stockholm Sweden
    Resurrection Chapel- Gunnur Asplund, Stockholm Sweden
    Holy Cross Chapel- Sigurd Lewerentz, Stockholm Sweden

    Of special note The Oslo Opera and the Sverre Fehn works were all breathtaking and inspiring. An earlier study for DIS I did on Korsmo's Villa Stenerson also made that a treat (more on that in my next post I hope).

    I am not going to elaborate too heavily on the trip as much as I will share a few images. If you are interested in play by play of the trip (perhaps you are contemplating going to DIS and want to know more about it) I would suggest reading some of the blogs kept by some of my classmates here...

    Stephen Mann's, Here We Go (Particularly Humorous)
    Francie McMann's, My Grand Tour
    Alexandra Kontsevaia's, The Traveler

    So with out further au du some photos...

    Den Norske Opera & Ballet by Night, by Snøhetta, Oslo Norway

    Den Norske Opera & Ballet Interior, by Snøhetta, Oslo Norway

    Hedmarks Museet Spiral Stair by Sverre Fehn, Hammar Norway

    Hedmarks Museet Ramp by Sverre Fehn, Hammar Norway

    Mortensrud Kirke Nave by Jensen & Skodvin, Norway

    Stockholm Stadbibliotek Entry by Gunnur Asplund, Stockholm Sweden

    Stockholm Stadbibliotek Rotunda by Gunnur Asplund, Stockholm Sweden

    For many many more images check out my facebook album here

    Thanks for reading

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