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    Hefner/Beuys House

    Matthew Messner
    May 3, '12 4:05 AM EST

    As featured here on Archinect (and about every other architecture website) the Hefner/Beuys House is a project by Jimenez Lai that is taking a little different approach to getting something built.  


    This project needs your help.  With only a short time to go there is still a lot of monetary ground to cover.  

    I personally got involved as a chance to work with Lai and Bureau Spectacular and be a part of something new.  You can get involved through Kickstarter for the same reasons and come out of it with awesome stuff.  This is one of the few chances there are to get a hold of original art by Lai, custom made for you.  It is also the best way to pre-order his up coming book Citizens of No Place.


    I won't say much more, but I implore anyone interested in pushing the discipline forward to check out the project and get involved.

    Money is tight everywhere, but working together we can still advance the discourse of the built environment.

    Thank You


    and here is a short video of a few of us talking about the project and the work of Lai.


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    • Is there a way to pledge NOT through Kickstarter and thus Amazon?  I won't use Amazon.

      May 8, 12 10:48 am  · 

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