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    Interior City

    Matthew Messner
    Oct 21, '11 6:48 PM EST

    Interior City is an investigation into interior shape, space, and form.  The project is manifested in a series of specialized spaces that agrigate through normative Typical Plan floor plates.  Those plates conversely are affected by those spaces.

    The initial interest in this project came from studies of iconic Chicago projects such as the Palmer House, the Lyric Opera, and the Auditorium Theater.  All seemingly normative belied  a complex interior spaces that challenged a norm of spatial arrangement.

    As explained in my last post, this project was moved forward by cataloging a series of spaces from across time that represented the most interesting interior in the world.  These where then perverted and misappropriated, in an attempt to understand them as shape rather then the meaning that they are often associated with. ei. the Pantheon is a temple that has specific connotations linked with it, but when flipped it makes for a unique pool condition (don't forget to put a huge cork in the oculus)

    Moving forward from here, the hope is to investigate the space the is produced at the instance of the floors meeting the spaces that float in them.  As well as a better understanding of how the shapes interact with each other. 

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