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    A Final Post

    Matthew Messner
    Sep 4, '14 2:45 PM EST

    This will be the final post of this blog.

    It has been a long run here on the Archinect School Blog . Though my posts slowed to a near stand still in this last year, I did not want to just let it fade away without saying anything. 

    The choice of today to post my final post is not random. I finished my schooling (perhaps forever) at UIC earlier this year graduating with an M.Arch and the MAD-Crit. Today I changed sides of the desk, so to speak, and started teaching my first studio at UW-Milwaukee SARUP, my undergrad alma mater for anyone keeping track.

    So this is it. The end. But before I sign off, there are a few thank yous to take care of.

    Thank You to Archinect, its editors, contributors and readers (even the trolls). I think that what is happening here is very important as a sounding board on which the profession and academia come together, for better or for worse.

    Thank You to UIC, the faculty, administration, and students. Never a dull moment at that school. 

    And final, to my Classmates. It was a wonderful run with a class that I think will go down as one of the Vanguards of this era in UIC's history. 

    Cheers Everyone


    I'll end where we started.

    Two Weeks in the Life


    • Congratulations on finishing school Matthew, and thanks for sharing your experiences with us via your always-enjoyable school blog. Good luck with your next phase! We hope to hear about interesting work and happenings in Milwaukee in the near future.

      Sep 4, 14 2:50 pm  · 

      As you move into you post-graduate career, as a teacher and (perhaps?) practicing architect, it would be interesting to hear from you how the M.Arch and MAD-Crit combo has prepared you. Or shapes your path...

      Sep 8, 14 10:02 pm  · 

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