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    And...... Sleep.

    Matthew Messner
    May 6, '11 2:11 PM EST

    So I tried my hardest not to slow down on posts all semester, but in the end studio, theory and tech all slowed me down more then I hoped.

    So now everyone gets to read a series of post wrapping up the semester that just ended this week.

    Ill start with Studio.

    ARCH552 w/ Penelope Dean and Andrew Moddrell

    I won't speak about the long nights, lack of sleep, or studio drama(we don't actually have a lot of that). I am sure that everyone is quite aware of what it is like.

    So about the review. We were joined by Andrew Zago, Rob Livesey, Jose Oubrerie, and Ben Nicholson. Zago as many of you may know is a professor at Sci-Arc, Nicholson is at the School of the Art Institute (not to be confused with AI, the online/art school/thing)and Rob Livesey, and Jose Oubrerie come from Ohio State. As I understand it Oubrerie is a disciple of Corb.

    There is so much to say about this review as these four characters ripped us apart that this may be broken up into a few posts. I hope to include some highlights of the work as well accompanied by some of the juries comments.

    To start lets just say that no one got out alive. The critique was pointed and on target but tough. Never personal, the mode was somewhat light (it always seems to be with Zago) yet a bit shocking at moments.

    Some of the terms used to describe work (I will elaborate on these more in the future)...
    Paper Trumpets
    Office Ghettos
    Rat Maze
    Radioactive Ducks

    ... and many more. It wasn't always pretty.

    Even so, most students were proud of there work, and rightfully so. Many of the comments did not hold water to the class as we felt that many were critique of the curriculum more then the work itself. Criticism often picked out issues that had been worked out or pushed forward by earlier reviews (we had four this semester and around 10 pin-ups). Most felt their work was strong idealogically, and at the most it was in the translation to drawing that ground was lost. As the class was a model building class, the drawings were often pushed off until the last few weeks. Some of which the last few days. This often resulted in the critics picking out drawings they felt did not express the project well. Fair enough.

    That is enough about that for this post. Here are some photos!
    That's a lot of models.
    Heather Atkens trying to get to here models
    The Judges, Jury, and Executioners
    Frank Gossage shows the underbelly of his project to Oubrerie

    more to come
    thanks for reading

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