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    More Stuff the Could Never Be Built from UIC

    Matthew Messner
    Jan 26, '11 9:58 PM EST

    Nearly three weeks into the semester here at UIC, we are officially waist deep in studio. ARCH 552 is another studio based on the exploration of formal language though intensive modeling and diagrammatic drawing. Set Up in five stages we are quickly coming up on the end of the first stage, with a review Monday.

    The structure of the class involves weekly full class pin-ups. So far we have produced a minimum of four 1"x4"x4" models per week with drawings. The first pin up was of models built of PVC shower liner, a flexible membranous type material. The second was of paper and acetate models. Each week the class votes on each set of models and the winner of your four is the one that you continue with.

    The each next step in the studio is unknown to us until the proceeding section is done.

    Here are a few images from our first pin-up.

    Senada Imsirovic pinning up
    Endless Models
    Unused studies of Mark Cunningham and Jason Mould
    Pile-o-PVC on my desk
    Adrianne Jørgensen pinning up
    Katie LaCourts Desk and the tools of the trade.


    • Lindsey Koepke

      Great photo documentation – it's nice to see all aspects of your school's process/work coming up in your blog.

      Jan 26, 11 11:49 pm  · 

      Thanks, I only wish i had done the same in my undergrad. I will be working on another film about our class this semester as well (I hope).
      if you haven't yet check out the first one I did in the beginning of the school year...
      Two Weeks in the Life

      Jan 26, 11 11:54 pm  · 

      For More information on the work we are doing take a look at Brandon Biederman's post on the subject at Fresh Meat.

      Jan 30, 11 1:52 pm  · 

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