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    House- Matthew Messner

    Matthew Messner
    Dec 10, '10 12:26 AM EST

    Some of the boards from my final review for ARCH551.

    A house in which the transverse section only changes in scale as it moves through the house.


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    • vado retro

      conceptually interesting. i understand that this came out of your studies of eisenman. very well. but, it looks like your sited on a typical chicago lot and this is where my desire for ideas and concepts collides with the reality of building, permitting and all the necessary bullshit that comes into play. for example, you are "building" to the lot line. but, in the elevation of that side of the house you would need a four hour wall which you ain't got. there are other examples i could note as well. but i don't wanna sound like some old fart. and a one car garage??? not on your life. its little things like this that are causing me problems with academia these days. of course, when i was in school who gave a shit right, we didnt know or care really about any of the petty rules of the reality of building and permitting. i realize that this is a spatial study and an examination of the symbolic nature of the house. but the real challenge is to design a buildable idea within the rules regulations that one must confront. there is no art without a system. good job!

      Dec 13, 10 12:23 pm  · 

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