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    DOUBLE STORY | Nayereh Pater-Rov

    Matthew Messner
    Jun 26, '13 1:29 AM EST

    Some Work

    DOUBLE STORY | Nayereh Pater-Rov

    The size of the suburban house has grown in various ways and for many reasons throughout the development of the suburb. This project is interested in the growth of interior walls in such that it creates spaces which are beneficial for a specific alternative personality. In this investigation, it is the character of a hoarder. The spaces created for the life of the hoarder creates moments of duality in such that the architecture is designed through contortions and an interest in creating a double surface in which each scenario (suburban family and hoarder) benefit from.

    Double Story Personalities: [Top] Hoarder Mass, [Bottom] Suburb Family Mass


    Growth Series: This series looks at the expansion of the suburban house through various methods and increments. These tests explore the limit to which the suburban house can grow before it meets its threshold, or "moment of explosion.

    Chosen Growth Series: By expanding both interior and exterior walls from its center line, this series creates an inhabitable space within the thickness of the walls (hoarder mass) while the maintaining the important characteristics of the suburban family space.

    Contour Sections: [Left] Suburb Family, [Right] Hoarder


    Level 1: [Left] Suburb Family, [Right] Hoarder

    Level 1: [Left] Suburb Family, [Right] Hoarder

    Level 2: [Left] Suburb Family, [Right] Hoarder

    Level 2: [Left] Suburb Family, [Right] Hoarder

    The Suburbs: In the context of the suburbs, this house type is connected to one another through a string in a cul-de-sac. Placed among the existing suburb, this union of double story houses create a community for this varying personality (the hoarder) in which is accessible by corner connections while still maintaining personal spaces when desired.



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